Access vehicle technical data with VGM.

Our powerful vehicle tech data gets you access to job times, technical data, repair and wiring diagrams seamlessly within VGM.


Comprehensive technical data at your fingertips.

Get job times, repair and wiring diagrams technical data and more with our seamless Technical Data Integration.

Access technical data without switching between software applications. Lookup job times, add them to jobsheets and calculate labour costs automatically in a few mouse clicks. 

Access the best technical data available

Instantly access a wide range of technical data from multiple places within VGM including from Jobsheets, Booking diaries, Vehicles and sales quotations.

You will be provided with a wide range of technical data, not limited to the following:

Adjustment data.

The full range of adjustment data includes engine (general), engine (specifications), emissions, cooling system, electrical, brakes, steering, wheel alignment, wheels, tyres, capacities and torque settings.

Maintenance data.

Get the latest service/replacement intervals for critical components. Get further info about the lifespan of fluids and belts as well as filters under different driving conditions. You'll also find instructions for resetting service indicators.

Lubricants data.

Access manufacturer specifications for different fluids relating to the vehicles engine, engines cooling system, transmission, steering and air conditioning.

VESA advanced data.

For more up to date vehicles, we can provide even more detailed infomation to allow you to do your job more efficiently. This detailed information includes many more diagrams and fault code diagnosis information.


Our data provides invaluble fault finding information for electrical and electronic systems within the vehicle you are looking up. From here, you'll be provided with a list of common fault symptoms, their causes and possible solutions.


Get detailed information and procedures about the function, location, operation, fault diagnosis and replacement of parts for most of the systems on a vehicle.


A wide range of recall bulletins.

The recall bulletins are provided for information purposes only. The customer should be directed to the appropriate franchised dealer for rectification of the issues identified in the Safety Recall notice. This ensures that the repair is fully carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Safety Recall notice and any updated provisions thereof. It will also ensure that both the manufacturer's database (the list of affected vehicles) and the country-specific licensing agency are informed that the recall has been actioned.

Find drawings, diagrams and images for the vehicle that you are working on.

These fantastic drawings are incredibly indepth and will aid you and your team as you diagnose and repair vehicles.

You'll be able to view and print the following types of technical drawings, diagrams and images;


A comprehensive collection of invaluable technical drawings show a large amount of information about system layouts, component locations and torque settings for brakes, suspension, steering and air conditioning.

EOBD locations.

The EOBD diagrams will stop you wasting time searching for diagnostic ports. With these clear diagrams, you'll be able to find EOBD port locations for the majority of domestic vehicles.

Fuse box locations.

Look up the fuse box diagrams to quickly find out exactly where the fuse box locations are for the vehicle that you're working on.

Engine diagrams.

Get a comprehensive list of diagrams, and descriptions of engine related components so you can quickly get under the hood of the vehicle that you're working on.

Circuit / wiring diagrams.

The most detailed wiring diagrams available in the automotive industry, these diagrams are essential for fault finding on today's automotive electrical systems.


A comprehensive list of circuit diagrams and descriptions of engine related components. Here, you'll be able to access clear diagrams showing wiring diagrams for nearly all electronic components related to the engine.

Get access to accurate job times so you can quickly calculate an accurate labour rate for a job or task.

Take the guesswork out of pricing up jobs with a comprehensive list of repair times that covers all aspects of mechanical, electrical and body repairs.

Also, to make the whole process easier, you can search directly from a jobsheet or a quotation and add the number of hours and cost with ease.

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