Other features in Virtual Garage Manager.

VGM have many other features that you'll find useful.


Customer & vehicle search

VGM has been designed with speed in mind, so you can search through customers and vehicles quickly.

Whether you have 100 customers or 10,000, you can search through your customers with a 'Google' style search, so you can find the record you're looking for in the matter of seconds.

Customer And Vehicle Search

Data security

Securing your data is an obsession of ours.

We've invested heavily into servers and backups to ensure your data is secure. Alongside secura, we've setup our own cloud platform with real-time backups to different physical and virtual locations.

And your data is your data. We don't share any of your records and we never will.

Day planner

Get an overview of everything within the garage from one place.

Our outlook-style planner is the perfect tool to visualise your upcoming schedule. Browse active work for the current day, week or month, and schedule custom appointments in your own web-based filofax.

Garage Software Day Planner

Reporting and exports

Manage your finances with custom reports.

Generate instant reports on your most important figures. Manage your finances with flexible invoice reporting, or export your data to a spreadsheet with our live export options. Have confidence in your decisions, and the figures to back them up.

Garage Management Reporting Software

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