Take bookings 24/7 with online booking.

Let your customers book any kind of service directly into your diary with our market-leading online booking system.


Take bookings, 24/7

Let new customers book directly into your diary.

Virtual Garage Manager's online booking system lets you take advantage of being open at all times. When potential customers get home after a long day of work, and they want to book their vehicle in for an MOT the following day, your garage could offer the convenience that many other garages don't.

But the online booking is completely configurable. If you're up to your eyes in work you can disable slots that are bookable, so that you never overload yourself.

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Embed into your existing website, or have a new website built to your specifications.

Our booking system is simple to embed, with just a few lines of code, but if you want to offer a tried and tested user experience, our websites are cost effective without compromising on quality.

Virtual Garage Manager's online booking system can be embedded into any website with ease. With just a few lines of code you could be taking online bookings today!

But if you'd like to offer a complete online booking experience then take a look at a Motasite website alongside Virtual Garage Manager.

Garage Online Booking Website Integration

Mobile friendly online booking.

As website traffic from mobile devices surges above 40%, it's important that customers can connect from any device.

Our online booking systems have been designed to make your customers life easier. By ensuring your customers can book from any device, whether its a mobile, tablet or laptop, we're helping you to provide a convenient service that they will come back to time and again.

Mobile Friendly Garage Online Booking

We don't take anything off the top.

When your customers make a booking online, you take 100% of the fee.

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