Integrated tyre ordering and stock management with VGM

Easily manage your local tyre stock and order in new stock directly from Grouptyre, all from within Virtual Garage Manager.

Go from checking local stock to receiving new tyres at your garage in just a few clicks.

The new, fully integrated tyre module in Virtual Garage Manager will allow you to order tyres directly from your local Grouptyre wholesaler, similar to using their own Grouplink system.

Tyres ordered through the system will be dispatched on the next available van run (subject to stock availability).

If you don’t already have a Grouptyre account, let us know and we’ll get them to contact you and set one up.

VGM tyre ordering tyre label screenshot

Order tyres from within Jobsheets and Sales Invoices

Our seamless tyres integration can automatically create purchase orders, making the subsequent conversion into purchase invoices quick and easy. Tyres can be ordered directly from within the Jobsheets and Sales Invoices screens in a matter of seconds.

With the click of a button, you can view your local Grouptyre wholesaler’s available stock, select the quantity you require and send the order through, saving you valuable time.

VGM jobsheet tyres ordering

Barcode identification for easy stock managment.

The tyre module within VGM has sophisticated local tyre stock management capabilities including rapid inline data entry, and barcode identification.

For more information on how to use the new tyre features in Virtual Garage Manager, get in touch with us and we will happily give you a demo.

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