Search engine optimisation.

Using best practices we can help your Motasite get found with ease.

Be found on Google

When we set up a new Motasite, we configure the content to help you get found on google.

Our team will get all the on-page configuration sorted to give your Motasite the best change at being found.

SEO friendly

Beware of black hat

Every day, SEO companies approach garages like you promising instant results at high costs.

These companies will be using techniques that may provide short term results, but could be damaging in the long run.

While we don't profess to be an SEO company, everything we do while building your website is SEO friendly, and fits in to a long term strategy for your website.

Black hat SEO

Get a new website for your garage.

Give your business a boost with an extensive range of website features with Motasite