VGM Release September 2019

September 18, 2019 16:00

This release includes Xero Integration in the Company Portal, Implementation of Van Runs in Booking Systems, Planner improvements in VGM and more.



Better use of the “All Day” header in the Planner

A configuration option which allows users to toggle the use of "All Day" header for Jobsheets has been added.

Drag and Drop for Jobsheets and Bookings in the planner

Editing Jobsheets and Bookings in the planner is now a lot easier. An individual Jobsheet or Booking can be expanded or shrunk to increase or decrease the time allocation. They can also be dragged from one place and dropped in another to change the date, time or resource.

Hide / Show Not Assigned column in the planner

Configuration option for hiding and showing the “Not Assigned” column in the planner has been added. When the “Not Assigned” column is hidden, another resource has to be set as the “Default Not Assigned”.

Show / Hide Opened / Closed Jobsheets in planner

A new option in the Display drop-down menu allows the visibility of Open and Closed Jobsheets to be configured.

More fields in the planner preview configuration

Jobsheet - Date/Time In/Required, Technician Name, Bay Name, QA, Adviser.

Booking - Booking Date/Time, Modified Date, Technician Name, Bay Name, Online / Offline Booking, User name, Invoice Status.

Default booking date

If the planner is in Week or Month View, and the current date falls within that date range, the booking date will be set to the current date upon opening the New Booking window.

Tyre Van Runs

There is a new tab in the Tyre Configuration screen for Van Runs, and a new tab for configuring Tyreshop Sites.

Vehicle History screen has been improved

The Vehicle History screen now offers a hierarchical grid which details all items on each document.

Reports Tab in the Customer and Vehicle screens

A new tab - Reports - in the Customer and in the Vehicle screen, allows for easier access to customer or vehicle related reports respectively.

Tyre Attribute Search - Auto focus next box

When inputting attributes, next box will be automatically focused without the need to tab or select the box manually.

Save button on Price Band screen

Price Band screen now has both “Save” as well as “Save and Close” buttons.

Compulsory mileage revamp

If compulsory mileage is enabled, it will now only enforce mileage when creating or saving an invoice, or changing the status of a Jobsheet to complete / closed.

Product Group check-boxes adjustment

The "New Parts & Tyres Default" check-box is now split into two separate check-boxes and rest of the check-boxes are shown or hidden based on whether the "Tyre" checkbox is ticked.

Printing multiple documents

Printing multiple Sales Documents and Jobsheets at once is now possible.

Invoice column in the Diary

A new column - Invoiced - has been added to the diary.

Document line items can be opened when posted

You can now inspect each line item even when the document is in read-only mode.

Popup informing of local price difference when ordering tyres

When you order a tyre the system will check the price of your local stock and ask if you want to update it before ordering.

Booking Systems

Implementation of Van Runs

Available dates and times for tyre fitting are now calculated using van run data, allowing booking systems to offer same or next day fitting for tyres stocked locally.

Company Portal

Direct Xero Integration

In our new Xero integration, you can now send your Purchase and Sales financial documents over to Xero without the need to export and import spreadsheets. The direct Xero integration in the Company Portal sends the documents directly to Xero, including any payments you might have recorded against them.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new report:

  • VAT breakdown on takings by date range.

And the following reports have been updated:

  • Nominal Ledger Summary and Nominal Ledger Itemised reports now have a Quantity column.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Various Display Issues.
    Fix: Fix: We have implemented a dynamic and more efficient way of laying out elements on the screen which introduced a few visual inconsistencies on some browsers. These should be solved now but we are in the process of upgrading other areas of our software to this new standard. When fully implemented, it should improve compatibility and performance across all browsers. In the meantime - If you notice any glitches, please report them to our support team with a version number of your browser and / or a screenshot.
  • Bug: In the Sales Invoice details window, by clicking on the “More Details” button a popup window appears which keeps opening when you switch tabs, even after you click on the “Close” button.
    Fix: The “Close” button now correctly closes the popup and keeps it closed until “More Details” is clicked again.
  • Bug: Ticking the “Trade customer” check-box in a Booking, does not update the price if the customer is not an existing customer.
    Fix: Ticking the check-box will now correctly update the price regardless of the booking having a new or existing customer.
  • Bug: Customer record can be changed when a sales receipt is allocated to a document.
    Fix: Editing customer record is now disabled if that document has a sales receipt allocated to it.
  • Bug: Jobsheet End Time can be incorrectly set to be earlier than Start Time.
    Fix: If the default End Time is before the Start Time, move the End Time to next day.
  • Bug: Message Totals are incorrect.
    Fix: Message count is now consistent with the number of messages in the list.
  • Bug: Parts can be deleted even if they are attached to Purchase Returns or Job Templates.
    Fix: There is a check that informs if a part belongs to a Purchase Return or Job Template when attempting to delete it.
  • Bug: Reminders tab doesn't show messaging status if legitimate interest is selected.
    Fix: Reminders tab will now correctly show messaging status if legitimate interested is selected.
  • Bug: In various places, where users could change the position of items on the grid, clicking the up or down arrow too quickly would break it.
    Fix: The affected places now have a safeguard in place which will prevent users from clicking the arrow button again before the data in the grid has fully updated.
  • Bug: Purchase Orders show incorrect quantities fulfilled.
    Fix: The calculation now correctly excludes the Purchase Orders which have been deleted.
  • Bug: Converting Purchase Documents could be duplicated if the Save button was pressed multiple times.
    Fix: Save button is now disabled after it has been clicked on once.
  • Bug: Edit button in the drop-down menu of Nominal and Vat Defaults window is not working.
    Fix: An outdated method was being used, this has been fixed now.
  • Bug: Delete button in the drop-down menu of Stock Adjustment window is not working.
    Fix: An outdated method was being used, this has been fixed now.
  • Bug: Some Emails fail to send.
    Fix: There now is additional logic which handles email addresses better.

VGM Release June 2019

June 27, 2019 10:00

This release includes some new features and bug fixes in VGM. New features include a new Customer History window, an option to view Document Items in Full-Screen, and new configuration options in the Planner.



Customer History

Bookings window, detailing the booking history of a specific customer, has been expanded to now also include all Jobsheets and Sales Documents associated with that customer.

Add a vehicle to a quotation without a customer

Creating a quotation no longer requires a customer to be attached to the document.

Assign Parts and Tyres Default Group

Parts and Tyres can now have a Default Group assigned to them.

Warning about overwriting vehicle details

There is a warning now when user is about to overwrite vehicle details (Make/Model/Reg). A popup window will display information about this and allow the user to create a new vehicle or continue with updating the existing one.

Update Vehicle Mileage from documents

New checkbox “Update Vehicle”. When ticked while you save a document, the Mileage stored against the Vehicle will update with the mileage from that document .

Quality Assurance and Service Adviser on Jobsheets

Quality Assurance (Technician) and a Service Adviser (User) can now be assigned to a Jobsheet.

Remember Planner search and display settings

The search criteria and display filters in the Planner are now saved to the individual user. Any changes made will be remembered, and will no longer reset the Planner view whenever you reopen it.

Configurable Jobsheets grid

The Jobsheets grid is now configurable and has additional columns (Make, Model and Registration).

Searching customers by account reference when adding a vehicle owner

New column - “Reference” - has been added to the customer lookup screen, making it easier to find the correct customer.

Vehicle mileage in the vehicle history screen

Vehicle Mileage column has been added to the Vehicle History screen to provide a more detailed overview of the vehicles work history.

Search function in Job Templates

There is now a search function in Job Templates, allowing users to quickly locate the template they are looking for.

Supplier keyboard input

Adding/Editing Supplier through Purchase Invoices or Credits now switches focus to the “Save” button when selecting an existing Supplier, allowing users to more quickly add Purchase Invoices and Credits.

Configurable planner appointment previews

Planner Bookings/Jobsheets previews are now configurable via a new tab in the Planner Settings - “Previews Templates”. The process here is similar to how the Message Templates are created.

Horizontal setting in planner

Planner resources can now be grouped horizontally, and the colours of bookings match the colours of technicians.

Stock level filter when adding parts to documents

Users can now filter parts by stock level when adding parts to a document.

Engine Code from VRM

VRM now also retrieves Engine Code and saves it to the vehicle details. This field can be manually edited.

Full Screen document items

Users can now view sales document items (Jobsheets, Quotations, Sales Invoices, Sales Credits) in full-screen mode, improving item visibility on larger documents.

Change status of multiple Jobsheets at once

Users can now bulk-update the Completion Status and Open/Closed Status of multiple Jobsheets at once.

Scrollable Right-Click “Booking Status” menu in the Planner and in the Diary

The Booking Status right-click sub-menu is now scrollable and will no longer expand outside of the borders of the window.

Configuration setting to switch off approx collection times completely

There is now an option in the Web Settings tab in VGM (Config > Settings > Web) which allows users to toggle visibility of approximate collection times in Umbraco booking systems.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new reports:

  • Purchase Documents not posted
  • Vehicle Service History
  • Aged Creditors

And the following reports have been updated:

  • Jobsheet Summary and Jobsheet Summary Itemised:
  • These reports have more details and it is possible to filter them them between open and closed Jobsheets
  • Sales Invoices Not Posted Report:
  • This report been renamed to Sales Documents Not Posted as it now also includes Sales Credits
  • Sales Receipt Summary Report
  • Added Net and Vat fields

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Selecting multiple rows in sales documents and deleting them only removes the first item.
    Fix: The “Delete” button is now correctly disabled if more than one Sales Document is selected.
  • Bug: Emailing documents only allows customer template types.
    Fix: If a vehicle is attached to a document, the vehicle email templates will now also be available when emailing that document.
  • Bug: Incorrect vehicle mileage is used when converting bookings.
    Fix: This has been fixed to always use the document mileage when converting a booking.
  • Bug: “Create Sales Invoice” in Right-Click Menu of a Shopping Basket item has an incorrect icon.
    Fix: Correct icon for this option is now being used.
  • Bug: “Merge Duplicates” throws an error if too many records are selected.
    Fix: Updated implementation to support large numbers of records.
  • Bug: “Save” and “Close” buttons do not display on iPhones when adding a custom work item.
    Fix: The buttons now appear correctly on iPhones.
  • Bug: Postcode lookup on suppliers cuts off the top of the search results, and the “Close” button is not working.
    Fix: Repositioned the postcode lookup popup window and fixed the “Close” button.
  • Bug: While adding Customer Reminder, not all controls get updated when a vehicle is selected.
    Fix: “Slot Type” and “Due Date” fields are correctly refreshed (and enabled) when new vehicle is added.
  • Bug: Parts are loading in slowly.
    Fix: Parts query was amended to improve performance.
  • Bug: Changing the technician font colour is not reflected in the Diary.
    Fix: The technician font colour set in the technician settings will now correctly be used in the Diary.

Websites & Booking Systems

  • Bug: Possible to book duplicate services if two or more browser tabs are open.
    Fix: Websites & Booking Systems now prevent duplicates from being added to the basket.

VGM Release April 2019

April 10, 2019 11:15

This release includes some minor new features and bug fixes in VGM but is primarily focused around the Company Portal and MTD (making tax digital) compliance. New features include exports to Xero and Quickbooks as well as a direct integration with the HMRC allowing you to submit your VAT Returns.



Amend Labour Rate Description

Previously when adding a labour rate to a document there was no way of amending the description unless the user went back and edited it, this has now been changed so that the labour rate can be amended when adding a new line to a document.

Self Serve Credits

Users can now add credits themselves from the home screen, this functionality is switched off by default but if you're interested in trying this feature out please contact Motasoft support.

Bin Locations

Bin locations are now available as an additional field in both parts and tyres and can be viewed on the main grid.

Compulsory Mileage Option

There is now a setting to force users to enter a vehicle mileage when saving documents.

Slot Type Priority Configuration

You can now configure the priority of slot types in their edit screen which will determine the order of which they display in your online booking system.

Nominal Codes against Extras

Nominal codes can now be assigned to extras.

Purchase Payments and Refunds Screens

There are now screens in VGM that allow you to manage your purchase payments and refunds. You can also amend the date the payment was received to match your bank account for cash accounting.

Sales Receipts and Refunds Screens

These screens have been enhanced to allow amendment of payment allocation dates to match your bank account for cash accounting.

Add Multiple Temp Parts

Users can now add multiple temp parts in one go to a document without having to open the window again each time.

Duplicate Job Templates

Job Templates can now be duplicated to save time.

Include temp parts option in reporting

There is now a checkbox in the report criteria which allows you to determine whether temp parts are shown in stock reports.

Assign Bay to Jobsheets

There is now a dropdown within the Jobsheet that allows users to assign a bay. This is reflected in the planner too.

Events in Purchase Returns

Purchase returns now log events such as printing, emailing and crediting to align them with other purchase documents.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new reports:

  • MOT Due Date Report
  • Parts and Tyres on Jobsheets
  • Parts and Tyres Stock over time
  • Sales Invoices not Posted
  • Nominal Codes by Sales Invoices

Customer Credit Limits

There is now a setting against the customer record to enforce a credit limit, the customer record will also show their current account balance.

Purchase Document Incremental Numbers

There is now a setting to switch on incremental document numbering in purchases. This works in the same way as sales documents.

VGM Company Portal

Xero and Quickbooks Exports

The Company Portal now supports exporting your data in a format compatible with Xero and Quickbooks.

Submitting VAT Returns to HMRC

We now have a direct integration with the HMRC through the Company Portal. This will automatically calculate your VAT return, show you a break down of the transactions in each section of the return and finally allow you to submit it to HMRC.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Saving a Jobsheet could cause an exception writing to the event log.
    Fix: Additional logic in the save method to avoid this exception being thrown.
  • Bug: The planner is not refreshing when new bookings are created through the booking systems.
    Fix: The planner now refreshes inline with the diary screen meaning all new bookings will show immediately.
  • Bug: When a technician is marked as inactive the incorrect technician is showing against the booking.
    Fix: The reason for this is that the technician was no longer being loaded, since they were inactive. This has been changed so they will still show if previously allocated to a booking to retain historical data.
  • Bug: Calc max net button in parts is confusing.
    Fix: This has been changed to now be called ‘Find Max Price’ which is more representative of its functionality.
  • Bug: Double clicking technician tracking could cause duplicate entries.
    Fix: There is now logic to stop this from happening.
  • Bug: Creating a jobsheet from a shopping basket was causing an error.
    Fix: The logic behind this procedure is now fixed.

VGM Release March 2019

March 5, 2019 10:52

This release includes a large number of bug fixes throughout VGM and the booking systems, alongside several smaller new features requested by our users. It also includes our new Purchase Payments functionality, allowing users to record Payments and Refunds against their Purchase Invoices and Credits.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Entering an appointment description above maximum length causes an error.
    Fix: Prevent entry of of long descriptions above maximum character length.
  • Bug: Address fields aren’t included on Communication Consent Exports.
    Fix: Added Address 2, Address 3, County to Communication Consent Exports.
  • Bug: “Sales Invoices” window is inappropriately named (displays Invoices, Credits and Quotations).
    Fix: Re-named “Sales Invoices” to “Sales Documents”.
  • Bug: Temporary parts are visible on Stock reports.
    Fix: Stock reports now include a checkbox to determine whether Temporary Parts are included.
  • Bug: Inactive technicians showing up in Jobsheets and Planner configuration.
    Fix: Technician drop-down boxes in Jobsheets and Planner config now check whether technician is active.
  • Bug: “Allocate Sales Refund” throws an error if Xero is enabled.
    Fix: Amended disable “Add New Refund” button when Xero is enabled, to prevent error.
  • Bug: Service prices loading incorrectly in Diary if slot type has no group.
    Fix: Service slot types without a group now load prices correctly.
  • Bug: Unable to add a Vehicle to sales invoices created from scratch.
    Fix: Re-added code (previously removed) adding Vehicle to sales invoice.
  • Bug: Unable to select a message template when sending messages from Jobsheets in the Planner.
    Fix: Visible message templates are now determined by what data is available on the jobsheet (e.g. Customer, Vehicle).
  • Bug: Closing another tab when a Diary tab is selected throws an error.
    Fix: Closing non-diary tabs while a diary tab is open is now handled correctly.
  • Bug: Planner throws an error if bookings exist with a duration > 1 day.
    Fix: Planner now supports bookings with duration > 1 day.
  • Bug: Planner doesn’t display bookings with start/end date & time outside of current visible range.
    Fix: All bookings overlapping current date range will now display, even when start and date dates are both outside of visible range.
  • Bug: Add / Edit Special Offer window “Discount Type” dropdown breaks when changed.
    Fix: This issue was caused by an error when updating the view when a new selection is made. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug: Sales Receipts / Refunds grids were being ordered by date incorrectly (ordering by text rather than date value).
    Fix: The date columns on these grids now order correctly by their date value.
  • Bug: Saving custom items in Jobsheets doesn’t save the selected Nominal code.
    Fix: Custom items on Jobsheets now correctly save their nominal codes.
  • Bug: Add / Edit Special Offer window only allows whole numbers in discount field.
    Fix: Decimal values are now allowed in the Discount field.
  • Bug: Planner Add Booking (into existing slot) displays available slots which are missing Technician and BayIDs.
    Fix: Technician and Bay ID are now required for slots to display in the Available Slots dropdown.

Websites & Booking Systems

  • Bug: Inactive special offers still visible on Umbraco booking systems.
    Fix: Inactive special offers will now be hidden on Umbraco booking systems.
  • Bug: Umbraco New Vehicle IDs not saving to shopping basket.
    Fix: New vehicle IDs created through Umbraco bookings are now saved to shopping baskets.


Implement supplier search in Purchase Invoices

The Search function in Purchase Invoices will now also search the values in the “Supplier” column.

Assign Payments & Refunds to Purchase Invoices & Credits

In preparation for the MTD legislation coming into force this year, VGM users can now record payments and refunds against Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credits. This extends our existing financial features to include the full Purchases workflow.

For full details on assigning Purchase Payments, take a look at our documentation:

For full details on assigning Purchase Refunds, take a look at our documentation:

Updated Reports

Vehicle has been added to the Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Summary reports.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new reports:

  • Parts & Tyres Stock by Group (Sorted)
  • Parts & Tyres Stock (Sorted)
  • Sales Invoices by Nominal Code

Remember user document quantities

Users can now save the quantities used when adding Custom and Labour items to sales documents. These will be automatically filled when the user next goes to add a Custom or Labour item to a sales document.

Merge Suppliers

Duplicate parts suppliers in VGM can now be merged into a single record, to improve the quality of your data.

For full details on our new Supplier Merge feature, take a look at our documentation:

New “Ask Consent” setting

A new option has been added to the “Settings” window, allowing users to decide whether or not they want to ask for communication consent on their booking system.

Email multiple documents to customers

When sending a sales document to a customer, you can now select multiple sales documents for the same customer and send them all in one email.

“Carbon Copy” (CC) other email addresses when sending from VGM

VGM users can now add “Carbon Copy” recipients to emails sent to their customers from VGM. This includes Sales Document emails sent to customers.

Technical Data Service Checklists now display Branch and Vehicle details

Branch and Vehicle details both now display on Service Checklists returned from Technical Data Lookups. These are also included on the print-out versions of these checklists.

Access Technical Data from Jobsheets

You can not access the technical data feature through the Jobsheets window (right click), and the Add / Edit Jobsheet window (icon in the vehicle details panel).

Technical Data Labour Times Multiplier

VGM users can now apply a global multiplier to all labour times returned through technical data, when adding a Labour (technical data) item to a document. This will multiply the technical data "estimated hours" value by whatever your multiplier is set to (e.g. 1.2 would add 20%), allowing you to adjust the labour times if you find them consistently too short or too long.

VGM Release November 2018

November 29, 2018 11:25

This release includes a number of major new features in VGM. These include Purchase Returns, adding Slot Types to a Quote, creating a Quote from a Booking and creating reminders without having to create a Booking.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Temp Parts tab order inconsistent
    Fix: Change the tab indexes so that hitting the tab key cycles through controls incrementally.
  • Bug: Vehicle Registration missing from planner appointments
    Fix: Added vehicle details to Bookings and vehicle registration to Jobsheets in the Planner.
  • Bug: Cannot send sms through Jobsheets in the Planner
    Fix: The customer mobile number was not being loaded causing the option to be greyed out. This has been corrected so sms can now be sent.


Document Event Logging

When in sales documents, there is now an 'Event Log' tab that shows the history of a document, this includes print and email correspondence.

Net amount markup criteria

Parts and Tyres can now be marked up by a net amount, like in temp parts.

This can also be set as the default markup criteria in financial settings.

Notes in Planner

Notes have been added to the preview in the Planner.

Get the latest status information about your tyre order

In Purchase Orders you can now check the status of a tyre order directly with the wholesaler.

The status will show as Success, Pending or Failure and update the purchase order status accordingly.

Add Slot Types or Create a Quote directly from a Booking

Quotes can now be created from a booking using the right click context menu.

You can also add Slot Types directly to a Quote which can then be converted to a Booking.

Temp Parts can now be added to a Quote

Until now Temp Parts could only be added to invoices and credits, now you can add them to quotes too.

Clone a Quote

You can now duplicate the details of a Quote using the 'Clone Quotation' option in the right click context menu.

Search the Customer Vehicles screen

There is now a search bar in the customer vehicles screen to make it easier to find certain vehicles if there are many results.

Create Reminders without a Booking

You can now create reminders for customers without having to create a booking.

Notes column has been added to the Diary screen

The Booking notes column has now been added to the main Diary.

Add Custom Payment Types

You can now add custom payment types to VGM allowing you to extend the system defaults.

Purchase Returns

VGM now allows you to manage your Purchase Returns; Parts are marked for return in your stock management screen.

You can then log details about the item and create the return.

VGM Release September 2018

September 25, 2018 11:50

This release includes a number of major new features in VGM. These include detecting and merging duplicate parts, deleting sales documents and tracking technicians through Jobsheets.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Changing grouping resource in the settings doesn't order them correctly.
    Fix: Reload the resources when the grouping type is changed.


Special Offer Configuration

Under the config options, you can now add, edit and delete special offers.

Alert shows when converting Sales Invoice to Sales Credit

When converting a Sales Invoice to a Sales Credit, an alert now shows to enable you to cancel if clicked by mistake.

New Reports

New parts below minimum stock level, Jobsheet Summary, Jobsheet Summary Itemised, Jobsheet efficiency and Technician efficiency reports have been added.

Filter Parts and Tyres by stock level

Parts and Tyres can now be filtered by below, above or all stock levels.

Jobsheet can be accessed from Sales Invoice

Sales invoices now have a link back to their corresponding Jobsheet.

Jobsheet Items can now be allocated to a Technician with either a start and end time or estimated hours

For bookings, labour and custom Jobsheet items, and technical data you can now assign a technician with a start and end time. If Technician tracking is enabled, you can instead assign an estimated amount of hours for the Jobsheet Item.

When technician tracking is disabled:

When technician tracking is enabled:

Search Customers By Vehicle Registration

When searching for a customer record, you can now use the vehicle registration number to find the customer.

Duplicate parts can now be merged

From the Parts or Tyres screen, you can now select duplicate Parts and Tyres to merge into a single Part or Tyre.

Administrators can now delete Sales Documents

Sales documents can now be deleted by VGM users with administrator privileges.

Guarantee Period Months added to temp parts

There is now a Guarantee Period Months field in the temp parts screen. This screen will also load the default parts markup from the financial settings.

Forgotten Password at login

There is now forgotten password functionality at login within VGM. Enter your username and a single use login link will be sent to the email account associated with the user. Clicking on this link will automatically log you into VGM where you can reset your password.

Technician Tracking

For administrators, there is now the ability to track Technician time against a Jobsheet. This is enabled in the settings screen, then from within a Job sheet, using the new tabs you can allocate individual Jobsheet items to a Technician. You can then begin tracking their time, which will calculate their hours worked and efficiency rating which will update in real-time as they work.

VGM Release July 2018

August 8, 2018 13:50

This release includes a number of quality-of-life improvements to VGM. New features include the ability to select alternative templates when printing documents, and view the full history of a vehicle (rather than just its booking history).

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Browsers auto-fill email in add customer screen.
    Fix: Browser will now only populate email if user has specified this to be saved in the browser.
  • Bug: Customer Search doesn’t return results if customer has no vehicles.
    Fix: Customer search query now supports customers without vehicles.
  • Bug: VAT codes window displaying auto-generated columns.
    Fix: VAT codes window now displays correct columns.
  • Bug: Communication consent doesn’t pass customer name into the Add consent window.
    Fix: Add consent window now populates title with customer name correctly.
  • Bug: First name of customer not displaying on planner items.
    Fix: Modified query for planner items to correctly display the customer’s full name.
  • Bug: When deleting a slot type, not all references are removed in the database.
    Fix: Deleting a slot type now removes references to the slot type from all tables which reference the slot type.
  • Bug: Changing Vehicle Owner gets overwritten if the vehicles window is immediately saved.
    Fix: Vehicle owner is now unaffected when saving vehicle after assigning a new owner.
  • Bug: Purchase orders grid does not display empty purchase orders.
    Fix: Purchase orders grid now displays purchase orders with no items.


Barcode Search for Parts

The parts screen now supports searching via a part’s barcode. This means that parts can be found in VGM by scanning their associated barcode, rather than searching by stock code or description.

"Send Automatically" setting on new Slot Types now set to branch default

New message templates created for slot types now have automated messages turned on by default, if your branch has Automated Messaging turned on (visible by the tick or cross at the bottom of the VGM window).

Vehicle Bookings replaced with Vehicle History

We have replaced the "Vehicle Bookings" window (displaying all bookings for a specific vehicle) with a new "Vehicle History" window, which displays all Bookings, Jobsheets, Sales Invoices, Quotations and Sales Credits against that vehicle.

Customers can now be removed as a vehicle owner without setting a new owner

You can now remove the current owner of a vehicle without setting another customer as the new owner.

Default nominal codes for slot types

You can now specify a default nominal code for Slot Types, which will be populated automatically when a new slot type is created.

Future Printer Reminders can now be processed

VGM previously only allowed the processing of current or historic Printer Reminders from the reminders screen. You can now process future Printer Reminders, processed Printer reminders will now display in the outbound message queue.

Adding notes to a customer record

You can now add notes to customers from the "Add / Edit Customer" window.

Email Customer Statements to customers

You can now email customer statements to customers through the Reports screen.

Select alternative document templates when printing

In Jobsheets, Quotations, Sales Invoices and Sales Credits, you can now print with alternative document templates (templates other than the one currently selected in the financial settings).

Save Technician filters in Jobsheets Grid

VGM will now save your selected technician filters in the Jobsheets grid.

VGM Release June 2018

June 19, 2018 17:04

This release of VGM includes major time-saving features requested by our users, and minor adjustments to our new GDPR functionality. New features like Job Templates will help you to more quickly build up quotes, jobsheets and sales invoices, while the new “Find Duplicates” and “Merge” functionality will make it easier than ever to maintain the quality of your customer database.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Converting a Booking to a Jobsheet doesn’t check that the Customer and Vehicle have been correctly completed.
    Fix: Converting a booking to a jobsheet will now validate both the customer and the vehicle.
  • Bug: Purchase credits cannot be unlocked after posting (while all other documents can).
    Fix: Purchase credits can now be unlocked by admin users.
  • Bug: In the edit user screen, when checking or unchecking the administrator box unsaved values could be lost.
    Fix: The issue was caused by showing and hiding the user privileges tab, this is now enabled and disabled instead.
  • Bug: Each time a VRM lookup is executed the vehicle fuel type dropdown duplicates its contents.
    Fix: The fuel types need to be reloaded each time a VRM lookup is executed, so the data source is now being cleared each time to avoid duplicate contents.
  • Bug: In the Outbound Messages screen, the message preview is being overlapped by search controls.
    Fix: Adjusted the control priority on the page allowing the message preview to appear on top of the search controls.
  • Bug: The customer consent management screen could run slowly on large customer databases.
    Fix: Optimised database queries for large data sets.
  • Bug: Jobsheets grid sometimes fails to refresh when creating a sales invoice or changing the jobsheet status.
    Fix: There was an error being thrown when there were no rows left in the list, there is now a check to resolve this.
  • Bug: Jobsheets don’t enforce validation on customer and vehicle details when going to convert to a sales invoice.
    Fix: Validation is now enforced, meaning these details must be entered to create a jobsheet.
  • Bug:Inserting a booking in the diary creates a slot for one minute later than the time selected.
    Fix: This was the result of a time conversion issue between the client and server. This has now been rectified.


Move bookings without a destination slot

This new feature allows you to move any existing booking to any new time, regardless of whether you have an existing slot to move the booking into or not. This means that users who primarily work by inserting bookings (rather than using a default slot profile) can now move bookings without having to insert a new slot first.

Remember Search Type

VGM will now remember the Search Types (e.g. Starts With, Contains etc…) that you use for each Search bar within the system. VGM will pre-select your last used search type for that search box, allowing you to more quickly search your data in whichever way you prefer.

Find Duplicates

One of our biggest new features is the new “Find Duplicates” option within Customers. This screen allows you to select duplicate criteria (e.g. Full Name, Email Address or Phone Number etc...) and find duplicates of that criteria in your customer database. These can then be merged using our new Merge functionality.

New Customer Merge

Alongside our new “Find Duplicates” functionality, we have also overhauled the merge functionality for customers. Now when merging customers through the “Find Duplicates” menu, you can pick and choose which data you wish to retain in the merged customer. This will allow you to more easily consolidate duplicate customer records who may have different data that you wish to retain.

Job Templates

One of our most commonly requested features, Job Templates allow users to store pre-made templates of common Quotation, Jobsheet or Sales Invoice items and easily add them to sales documents.

Global setting to switch on message unsubscribe links

There is now a global setting to switch on message unsubscribe links. This means that every message that is sent out will have a shortcode appended to the end, allowing customers to manage their communication preferences. Beforehand the only way to do this would have been to enforce reminder or marketing consent.

Legitimate Interest message type

VGM now has an additional message type that you can assign to your message templates. This message type will allow you to send messages that do not require customer consent, such as same day reminders. You can still switch these off using the automated message status against the customer record, which will default to "Yes" for new customers (meaning they will receive all messages, as long as you have the correct consent if required).

Restructure of Financial Reporting screen

The financial reporting screen has now been refactored into report types for sales, purchases and stock, making it easier to read.

VGM Release May 2018

May 14, 2018 13:22

This release includes new tools to help our customers become GDPR compliant, as well as amendments to the messaging system (e.g. Unsubscribe links) in preparation for the legislation deadline on the 25th.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Xero sometimes prevents users from connecting via VGM (multiple auth tokens issued to single user).
    Fix: This issue was caused by VGM trying to log in to Xero with old credentials from previous sessions. These old credentials are now removed correctly when connecting to Xero from VGM, preventing the issue.
  • Bug: The Customer name in the Reminders grid does not include the customer’s company
    Fix: We have added the customer company to the Customer Name field in the Reminders grid.


Communication Consent Management

We have added a new Communication Consent Management tool to VGM. This tool provides you with a vast range of filtering options, allows you to review and add consent for customers, and includes an export-to-spreadsheet feature. This new functionality will help you remain GDPR compliant when exporting your VGM customers to marketing platforms like Mailchimp, and give you a clear view of the consent status of your customer base at a glance.

Send SMS over multiple messages

For the first time ever, VGM users can now send SMS messages longer than 160 characters! This feature is disabled by default to prevent a sudden increase in credit costs for our customers, however you can turn it on by navigating to “Config” > “Settings” > “Messaging” and changing the “SMS Credit Limit” value.

Changing this value to a number greater than 0 will limit outbound SMS messages to that quantity of credits, so you can control your maximum cost per communication. Changing this value to 0 will remove all limits, meaning that every message will be sent in full.

Unsubscribe Links in SMS & Email

SMS Messages and Emails that require consent (Reminder or Marketing) will now automatically have an unsubscribe link added to them. This will take customers to our new Customer Portal, which will allow them to manage their own consent preferences whenever they like.

Live SMS Message Template Analysis

VGM will now analyse character length in SMS message templates, giving you a real time picture of how your messages will send. You can use this feature by clicking the ‘preview’ button, which will give you a breakdown by average and maximum character length and the amount of credits required to send the message.

When you are finished with editing a message template, VGM will also give you a summary of the message before you commit to saving it.

View unsubscribes in message preview

VGM will now show you unsubscribe links as part of the message preview, giving you a more accurate picture of the messages that will be sending out.

VGM Release April 2018

March 28, 2018 16:25

This release is the the first of several updates focusing on compliance with the new EU GDPR Legislation, coming into effect in May this year. Features include new communication consent procedures for all booking systems, alongside new tools within VGM to manage customer consent.

Bug fixes

Umbraco Websites

  • Bug: VRM Lookup sometimes hangs if a matching service price cannot be found.
    Fix: VRM Lookup now informs the user that a price cannot be found, and returns them to the “select slot type” step.
  • Bug: Tyre Lookup widget shows a “Change Vehicle” button if no VRM Credits are available.
    Fix: The “change” button is now hidden when VRM credits are missing.
  • Bug: Time estimates displaying incorrectly, if some durations aren’t configured.
    Fix: Time estimates will now be hidden unless durations are defined for all slots in the basket.

VGM & Umbraco Websites

  • Bug: VRM Lookup sometimes returns a null tyre, causing the tyre select screen to hang.
    Fix: VRM Lookups have been amended to exclude null tyres returned from the data provider.
  • Bug: Some Mercedez VRM lookups not matching a service.
    Fix: The VRM lookup did not format the vehicle make correctly in some cases which caused it not to match a service make, this has now been fixed.


  • Bug: Using an existing slot in the planner doesn’t always put a booking on the selected date.
    Fix: The issue with loading the booking date has been corrected.
  • Bug: Fuel type not populated after VRM lookup when inserting a new booking.
    Fix: Fuel types were not being loaded through this entry point which was causing the issue, this has now been fixed.
  • Bug: When closing a Jobsheet the main grid clears any sorting.
    Fix: The grid has been enhanced to persist any sorting when closing a Jobsheet.
  • Bug: Adding parts to a work item does not filter by group.
    Fix: Implemented the ability to filter by part group in this screen.


Record specific communication consent on all Online Bookings

We have updated all booking systems to obtain specific, granular consent for customer communication on every online booking. This currently includes specific consent for reminders sent by SMS and Email, however will soon be expanded to include consent for Marketing by SMS and Email as well.

As part of these changes booking systems will now feature a new Privacy Policy, informing customers how their data will be stored and used.


Allow customers to manage their communication consent through all booking systems

We have also updated all booking systems to include a new Communication Consent Management section allowing customers to manage their communication preferences at any time - whether or not they are making a booking. Changes made here will affect their overall consent settings, determining whether they receive SMS and Email reminder messages.

As with the previous enhancement, this will be updated to include Marketing consent in the next release.


Configure booking system Communication Consent

To complement the new Communication Consent features in the booking system, we’ve also added a new configuration section to VGM. The Messaging Settings (Config > Settings > Messaging) now contain configuration options for the booking system communication consent sections, allowing you to configure:

  • Consent duration in months (default is 24 months).
  • Checkbox labels for the Email and SMS checkboxes.
  • Whether the checkboxes are ticked by default (defaults to un-ticked).
  • The “Preamble” messages, which appears above the checkboxes in the booking system.
  • Your Privacy policy.

View consent status of messages in Reminders and Outbound Message Queue

You can now view the consent status applicable to any message in the Outbound Message Queue and Reminders pages, within VGM. These will display as red if the message cannot be sent due to invalid consent, or black if valid consent is available. If the message has already been sent, the colour code will reflect whether it can be re-sent at that point in time.

Customer consent prompt at Point of Sale

VGM now alerts you to any missing customer communication consent at all points of sale, which can then be quickly captured and saved against their customer record.

Sales Invoice

Add Customer Consent from multiple entry points

VGM allows you to view queued messages and capture consent from Bookings, Jobsheets, Sales Invoices, The Outbound Message Queue and Reminders.

View a customer’s full communications consent history

You can now view a full audit log of customer communications consent in the edit customer screen, this screen also allows you to edit or revoke communications consent items.

Notes added to Booking Confirmations for all booking systems

Default booking confirmations for all booking systems will now contain the booking notes, alongside the all previously included booking data.

Order “Allocate Sales Receipt” window by Date Descending, and hide zero value sales receipts by default

The “Allocate Sales Receipt” window will now order by Date Descending (rather than Ascending), and the checkbox “Hide sales receipts with zero balance” will be ticked by default.