Dangerous Tyres road skid marks

10 Million UK vehicles being driven with illegal tyres

August 22, 2016 11:47

Over ¼ of all vehicles on UK roads being driven with dangerous tyres

A countrywide survey of 340,000 tyres reveal that a possible 10 million vehicles across the UK could be being driven with tyres deemed unfit for road use. The survey conducted by Tyresafe, in cooperation with Highways England, found that not only were there a substantial amount of vehicles on the roads with illegal tyres, but more than 27% of them were already illegal when they were replaced. These figures are particularly worrying as studies show that dangerous or unfit tyres are the largest single contributing factor in accidents resulting in casualties.

To paint a broader picture, this means that more than a quarter of the 37 million cars and LCV’s on UK roads are being driven with dangerous tyres, which could not only end up causing an accident but also cost the driver a hefty £2,500 fine and three penalty points on their license. These figures highlight the seemingly lax attitude people across the country have towards the condition of their tyres, stemming either from wilful ignorance or simply being unaware of the significant risks involved.

UK Illegal tyres infographic

Shift motorists attitude towards UK road safety

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of Tyre Safe comments on the aforementioned point, saying “If the number of casualties from tyre-related incidents is to be reduced on our roads, the UK’s motorists need to change their attitude to this primary safety feature and carry out regular checks to ensure their vehicle’s tyres are roadworthy.

The concern comes not just from the number of illegal tyres at the point of replacement, but also the proportion which were below 2mm – those with just 0.4mm left (half the thickness of a bank card) before reaching the 1.6mm legal minimum. While a tyre is legal at this point, the amount of distance it can cover and remain within the law is difficult to predict and can only be verified by regular checks.”

When trying to identify exactly where these issues are most prevalent, you find that it is relatively balanced across the UK. The Survey of 340,000 tyres being replaced at 819 retail outlets revealed that Northern Ireland had the highest proportion of illegal tyres at the point of replacement at 36.5%, Wales following with 29.1%, Scotland on par with the UK average at 27.4% and England coming in at the lowest with 26.8%. This figures are growing each year and are projected to increase again by 2017.

Tyre tread check gauge

Carry out regular checks to reduce risk to yourself and other road users

Road users can make efforts to reduce risk to themselves or other road users by carrying out regular tyre checks, ensuring that air pressure and tread depth are at an adequate level. You can check your tyre tread depth by inserting a twenty pence piece into the tread using the outer rim as a reference point, if the rim is visible it means that your tyre is most likely below the 1.6mm legal limit and you should probably seek to get a replacement, or at the very least get a professional opinion.

As for the air pressure, you should always follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, which can be found on a plaque in the glove compartment, the owner's manual or filler cap.

Increased awareness of the issue and its risks can change motorist behaviour

It is clear from this that there needs to be some drastic changes in attitude in order to combat this problem. This is achievable through increased awareness of both the risks and how widespread this issue truly is, as continuing to sweep it under the rug will only bolster the ever growing annual figures.

Google’s algorithm, mobile-friendly websites and the independent motor trade

August 16, 2016 09:47

Not the Ten Commandments… and as important as a cola recipe!

In April 2015 Google made changes to its algorithm. In case you haven’t come across this before, the algorithm is responsible for determining the position of a website in Google’s natural search engine results.

The algorithm hasn’t quite assumed mythical status, like the Ten Commandments, for example. However, in commercial terms, it is at least as important as the secret recipe for a popular brand of cola…

The changes were termed ‘Google Mobilegeddon’ because they completely changed the importance of the mobile attributes that going into the design and technical execution of a website.

When Google looks at a website to see where to rank it in natural search, it now places greater importance on mobile design and technical attributes. In short, the more mobile-friendly your website is, the higher up the Google results page your business appears.

Impact of Google Mobilegeddon on the independent motor trade

Statistics show leave us in little doubt that Google Mobilegeddon was a game-changer. Data from Adobe showed that just a couple of months after the changes, traffic to unfriendly websites, those not optimised for mobile dropped 12%.

Almost a year-and-a-half on from Google Mobilegeddon around 40% of the entire world population has the capability to browse and search the web on smartphones. In the UK mobile devices have overtaken desktop PCs and laptops as the preferred tool for using the internet.

As many as 84% of consumers now conduct internet research before making a local purchase. For independent motor traders looking to attract new business for servicing and repairs, or for dealers hoping to shift used motors, the perils of not going mobile friendly are significant.

If a prospective customer searches ‘used cars’ in ‘your town’, then garages with mobile-friendly websites are simply higher up the results page and more likely to get called first than one without a mobile-friendly website.

Drive more local traffic to your website and garage with Motasite

Motasite is the Motasoft technology platform that enables us to put together websites that are mobile optimised specifically for independent motor traders. With a website built on Motasite, independent motor traders simply have a much better chance of being found on Google.

Running Motasoft Virtual Garage Manager alongside your Motasite, your website visitors have the ability to book MOTs and Servicing directly in to your workshop diary. Self-service features like this save time for customers and you and your team enabling greater efficiency to drive your business forward.

To find out more about what Motasoft and Motasite can do for your independent motor business, simply get in touch.

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Read more in the article ‘The Importance Of Mobile Websites After Google Mobilegeddon’ at jdgroup.co.uk

The importance of having a professional website for your business

June 28, 2016 10:00

Credibility through professionalism

If you own a business in the year 2016, it is crucial that you have a well functioning website if you are to rival your competition. Every year the number of people doing business online rises at a consistently significant rate.

In 2008 around 54% of people living in UK purchased goods or services online, now that figure stands at around 76% - with the numbers ever increasing. These figures highlight just how important it is that you establish a strong online presence with a website which is both intuitive and professional looking.

If your site doesn’t look professional, chances are people will make the assumption that you aren’t professional, which will ultimately make them feel less inclined to do business with you as you are lacking the credibility necessary to make people feel comfortable in parting with their cash.

Improve your customer base

If the stats alone aren’t compelling enough, there are numerous benefits associated with the ownership of a website - all of which revolve around boosting your customer base, the principal factor being the ability to market your business online.

This can be achieved through many different methods such as optimising your site for search engines, making it easy for potential customer to find you when searching. As well as this and most importantly, you can use your site as a medium to advertise goods and services 24 hours a day, as well as giving potential customers easy access to your contact information and opening hours.

However, there are still many business owners who are reluctant to get themselves a website, (or update a severely outdated one). What they are failing to realise is the importance of having a professional, well designed website for the progression of their business, as without one they are isolating themselves from a large section of the market.

Significant long term benefits

This wilful exclusion is the result of a common misconception, that being the idea that having a website developed is not cost effective, whilst being unaware of the fact that the long term financial benefits greatly outweigh the cost of having one made. Realising the value of having a website is imperative for the growth of your profit margins and a necessary step for any business looking to expand.

5 ways to get more value from your garage website with Motasite

March 22, 2016 09:56

There never seems to be enough time in the day.

Boring old websites have a look about them. They look a bit amateurish; they’re out of date with cars that have already been shifted. If it looks as if no-one has maintained it for years, then they probably haven’t.

When a prospective customer sees a website like this they are very likely to form an opinion.

Which is it more likely to be?

  • A: Oh they must be busy fixing cars. I’d better call them straight away and get it booked in…
  • B: It doesn’t look professional. If that’s how they maintain their website, they can @#&$*~%...

Purpose-built for the independent motor trade

The simple fact is that outdated websites say the wrong things about your independent garage or dealership. Here’s five ways a website purpose-built for the independent motor trade delivers value to your business:

1. Attract customers

Engage the new generation of ‘digital native’ motorists – this generation of motorists has been brought up with the internet and lives its life online and likes sharp design and online services.

2. A trusted brand not ‘just a garage’

Boost your brand and get found – use the website to boost your brand and plug in social media tools and exploit SEO so Google search lets you get found by customers more easily.

3. Online booking

Take online bookings for MOTs and servicing – get your website working harder and free up more of your time on the activities that actually directly make you money!

4. Online tyre shop

Sell tyres online with a minimum of drag – develop your tyre business without wasting time taking orders over the phone with online tyre sales – be the Amazon of the tyre world!

5. Ad templates

Shift those motors with attractive car sales ads – websites with well-designed ads stand out better and enable you to make the most of your website for keeping sales ticking over

Streamline garage management with Motasite

Motasite websites are built for the motor trade by software experts with a detailed understanding of the motor trade. To find out more simply fill in our form today.

For more information just contact us on 0117 9 428 678 or click here to visit the Motasite area of our website.