Euro 2016 football shirt FREE when you sign up for VGM for 12 months

June 8, 2016 10:28

Have the shirt off our back!

Across the UK, June 2016 is a very European flavoured one. However, it’s for two very contrasting reasons…

1. A certain referendum… (‘Nuff said…)
2. The Euro 2016 football tournament

England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are all competing until the group stages end on the 22nd (at least:-). This is the day before the UK votes on whether to stay or leave the EU. It’s a certainty that for much of the month both political and sporting media is going to be heavily dominated by the topic of Europe.

We’ll leave it to others to speculate on the politics. However, to help celebrate the football, for each independent motor trade business that signs up to Motasoft Virtual Garage Manager in June, we’re ordering one £60 JD Sports voucher to enable you to get the official shirt of your national team. To qualify for the voucher the business needs to subscribe for 12 months.

Don’t fancy the national shirt?

Some might think a national shirt might be a bit undesirable should their team make an early exit… In that case you might consider a club shirt or other sporting apparel a better option.

If you decide against the national shirt or you already have one, you can always use the voucher to get the club shirt of your choice or as part payment for other sporting goods up to the value of £60 FREE of charge.

Motasoft VGM a game changer for garage management

If running a garage was like a game of football, then bringing on VGM at half time would be like substituting a misfiring striker for one ring on all cylinders! VGM connects all the key aspects of running a motor trade business efficiently, enabling you to take control.

Indeed, once they have experienced its benefits first hand, few would disagree that Virtual Garage Management is a game changer and turns independent motor trade businesses into real winners.

If we have to sum up VGM in a word...

...then it has to be ‘efficient’.
So, as much as we’d like it to be Roy Hodgson’s boys, if VGM was a national football team we’d have to say it's Germany.

And if we had to pick the tournament winners? Well, of course it’s obvious. It’s going to be…

To find out more about how Motasoft Virtual Garage Manager could make your garage run with efficiency worthy of Germany, simply click here!