Hybrid and electric vehicles and the long term future for independent garages

May 23, 2016 09:24

Evolution rather than revolution

When the issue of global warming - or more correctly climate change – comes up amongst petrolheads there’s likely to be a sharp intake of breath and some gnashing of teeth!

The discussion of all electric and hybrid electric vehicles may draw a similar response; however, the revelation that some diesel vehicle manufacturers have been indulging in mass fraud through emission test cheating does little to support the cause of fossil fuelled vehicles.

In the way that recycling is helping to save the planet ‘one empty cola can at a time’, hybrid and electric vehicles are an evolution of thinking and behaviour. They are not an overnight revolution. The world turns slowly, change is a gradual process.

The future of the independent motor trade and electric vehicles

The key barriers to the uptake of all-electric vehicles remain the range on a single charge and the availability of charging points. There are also some mixed signals in the market place on the adoption of all-electric vehicles. Globally, around 17 million are expected on the roads by 2020. However, sales are disappointing. The most recent year-on-year figures for the EU show even the most popular vehicle, the Tesla S, is down by 70%.

When it comes to the future of the independent motor trade there can be little doubt any change will also be gradual. The sheer scale of vehicle numbers means the independent trade will become more and more involved as numbers take off.  There are already a significant number of independent used, servicing and customising specialists in the marketplace.

For any independent trader key hybrid and all-electric vehicle requirements are:

  • Technician training, including health & safety
  • Access to technical data including procedures

Adapt to changes in the automotive market with Motasoft

Motasoft helps the independent motor trade to adapt as the market changes. Independent garages stay abreast of requirements for technical information with the Vehicle Technical Data feature that is integrated with VGM (Virtual Garage Manager). This references the VRM to access the right information for any specific vehicle, whatever the fuel source.

Importantly, Vehicle Technical Data provides the important health and safety information to ensure vehicle technicians are fully aware of the how to make the vehicle safe before commencing any procedure.

To find out more about how Motasoft helps the independent motor trade to do a better job of vehicle servicing and motor trade sales while driving better efficiency and profitability, simply get in touch.

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5 ways to get more value from your garage website with Motasite

March 22, 2016 09:56

There never seems to be enough time in the day.

Boring old websites have a look about them. They look a bit amateurish; they’re out of date with cars that have already been shifted. If it looks as if no-one has maintained it for years, then they probably haven’t.

When a prospective customer sees a website like this they are very likely to form an opinion.

Which is it more likely to be?

  • A: Oh they must be busy fixing cars. I’d better call them straight away and get it booked in…
  • B: It doesn’t look professional. If that’s how they maintain their website, they can @#&$*~%...

Purpose-built for the independent motor trade

The simple fact is that outdated websites say the wrong things about your independent garage or dealership. Here’s five ways a website purpose-built for the independent motor trade delivers value to your business:

1. Attract customers

Engage the new generation of ‘digital native’ motorists – this generation of motorists has been brought up with the internet and lives its life online and likes sharp design and online services.

2. A trusted brand not ‘just a garage’

Boost your brand and get found – use the website to boost your brand and plug in social media tools and exploit SEO so Google search lets you get found by customers more easily.

3. Online booking

Take online bookings for MOTs and servicing – get your website working harder and free up more of your time on the activities that actually directly make you money!

4. Online tyre shop

Sell tyres online with a minimum of drag – develop your tyre business without wasting time taking orders over the phone with online tyre sales – be the Amazon of the tyre world!

5. Ad templates

Shift those motors with attractive car sales ads – websites with well-designed ads stand out better and enable you to make the most of your website for keeping sales ticking over

Streamline garage management with Motasite

Motasite websites are built for the motor trade by software experts with a detailed understanding of the motor trade. To find out more simply fill in our form today.

For more information just contact us on 0117 9 428 678 or click here to visit the Motasite area of our website.