VGM Release March 2018

March 9, 2018 17:07

This release includes general bugfixes throughout VGM, with the majority being minor fixes for the new Temporary Parts functionality. Major new features include Scheduled Messages for Sales Invoices and a new integration with accounting package Xero.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: Booking Details customer search shows previous vehicle owners.
    Fix: Altered the search query to filter out any previous owners.
  • Bug: Temporary Parts grid not refreshing when temporary parts are deleted.
    Fix: Added a global event that reloads the Temporary Parts grid when a temporary part is deleted or saved elsewhere in VGM.
  • Bug: On Booking Details & Add Edit Customer, users can enter a phone number into an email field.
    Fix: Added validation for Customer Email in Booking Details and Add Edit Customer.
  • Bug: Users can add bookings with online payments to existing Jobsheets and/or Sales Invoices.
    Fix: Added additional filters to the booking search query to exclude those with online payments.
  • Bug: Users can create multiple Purchase Credits for a single Temporary Part.
    Fix: Reload Temporary Parts Grid when creating Purchase Credits to trigger validation.
  • Bug: Temporary Parts Description dropdown not populating with previous part descriptions.
    Fix: Removed a filter in the search query that restricted results to Tyres only.
  • Bug: In the Planner settings, users could set day end times that were earlier than day start times, causing an error.
    Fix: Added additional validation when saving Planner Settings to prevent end times which are earlier than the start time.
  • Bug: SMS Templates contain invalid HTML-encoded characters.
    Fix: This was caused by Merge tags being added with HTML-encoded characters rather than a regular character set. Additional checks have been added to convert HTML-encoded characters into their normal equivalents.
  • Bug: VAT Code grids don't refresh when editing VAT Rates.
    Fix: Added a global event to update the VAT Code grids when saving a VAT Rate.
  • Bug: Service pricing in Booking Details doesn't update on VRM Lookup.
    Fix: Successful VRM lookups will now trigger a re-calculation of the booking cost, if a Service slot type is selected.


Parts - Filter by Product Group

You can now filter (search) Parts by the product group they belong to.

Search for Purchase Orders by Supplier

You can now search for Purchase Orders by their Supplier name.

Automated Messages toggle moved

The automated messages toggle has been moved from the top menu (Messaging > Automated Messages) to the Settings window (Config > Settings > Messaging).

Xero Sales Integration

VGM now offers a direct integration with Xero. Our new integration allows you to convert VGM Jobsheets into Xero invoices, instantly creating a new Xero Invoice with all items, payments and customer details included. You can then view and print that invoice from VGM, alongside any other Xero Invoices created through our integration.

For full details on our new Xero integration, take a look at our documentation:

To get started with the Xero integration, contact our support team on 01179 428 678.

Sales Document Messages

You can now send Scheduled Messages automatically for posted invoices. This functionality works in a similar way to the Reminders for bookings - Create a message template, set the delivery offset, and it will be automatically scheduled every time you post an invoice.

For more information about Sales Document Messages, check out our documentation:

New VRM supplier - CarweB

We have recently implemented a new VRM lookup provider into VGM, and our other systems (i.e. Online Booking, etc…). The CarweB VRM lookup includes additional data fields for vehicles searched, like Brake Horsepower figures. Their API also includes a number of additional failover strategies, allowing us to respond to short-term service issues more quickly than with some of our other providers.

Online Booking - VRM Lookup Limits

You can now set a limit for the number of VRM lookups that can be made from a particular IP Address through your online booking system. This allows you to set a maximum quantity of lookups that can be made in a specific time frame through your online booking system, for a single IP Address.

You will also be able to whitelist specific customers through your VGM system (for example, Trade customers), allowing them to make as many lookups as they like. These limits will give you greater control over how your VRM Lookup credits are used online, and prevent abuse of those systems in the rare cases that they are misused.

For more information about this or any of our other new features, please feel free to message us through the chat window in the bottom-right of your VGM system, or give us a call on 01179 428 678.

VGM Release November 2017

November 16, 2017 14:28

This release includes many general bugfixes, with a focus on bugs in Parts and Tyres. All of the enhancements in this release also relate to Parts and Tyres, with performance improvements for some areas as well as some major new features including Advanced Tyre Markup, Stock Adjustments, and Temporary Parts.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: Using “Update Existing Reminders” when saving email templates passed in an incorrect Sender Address in some cases.
    Fix: Altered save process to always pass in correct Sender Address.
  • Bug: Changing the current page, or changing the number of items per page in Search Tyres and Add Parts Work Item would de-select the currently selected tyre, but not update the lower page elements to reflect this.
    Fix: Lower grids will now rebind when changing page, or changing the number of items per page.
  • Bug: User Settings in Search Tyres not updating & loading correctly on when posting back to server.
    Fix: User Settings now save and load correctly when posting back.
  • Bug: Intercom system disappearing, but still leaving a non-clickable area in the bottom-right corner.
    Fix: Intercom iFrame was being removed when changing tab, amended hide iFrame functions to exclude Intercom frame.
  • Bug: Some inline edit commands causing the Vat / Nominal code fields to reset on submit to server.
    Fix: Rather than checking the Value of the dropdown (which resets on submit), we now check the Text of the dropdown (which doesn't).
  • Bug: "Send to Cameo" context menu button not displaying, introduced in the last version.
    Fix: When setting this option's visibility, new Context Menu items caused the wrong item to be selected. Now selecting by Value of the button, rather than index.
  • Bug: Customer Email doesn't validate against existing emails when entering a booking.
    Fix: Added extra validation to check if the new Customer Email already exists in the database.
  • Bug: "Technician: " labels were visible when editing a work item on non-jobsheet documents.
    Fix: On non-jobsheet documents, this label will now be hidden.
  • Bug: Timing issues with displaying the Email Customer Invoice button in Add Edit Sales Invoice when using Firefox.
    Fix: Adjusted the element selection for the button to avoid potential timing issues.
  • Bug: When deleting a part, Delete Process wasn't checking whether that part exists on Sales Quotations.
    Fix: Added checks for existing Sales Quotations to Delete Items for Parts.
  • Bug: Every time you add tyres to a Sales Invoice, if VRM is not enabled a prompt warns the user that VRM is disabled.
    Fix: Removed VRM disabled prompt.
  • Bug: Users cannot insert appointments into the Diary unless there are already slots available for that day.
    Fix: Users can now insert appointments into the diary when there are no existing slots available for that day.
  • Bug: When changing a technician's name, the changes are not reflected in the planner.
    Fix: Saving a Technician now re-loads the Planner, and Planner Resource names are now loaded from the database rather than the user config settings.
  • Bug: New Slot Types are created with a default VAT Code ID of 0, causing issues with reporting and diary views.
    Fix: New slot types are now created with the branch default VAT code.
  • Bug: Slot Type Message Templates (Email) do not save/load Sender email correctly.
    Fix: Slot Type message templates now save/load sender emails correctly.
  • Bug: When adding tyres to a sales document with only local stock enabled, filtering by manufacturer throws an error.
    Fix: This error was caused by trying to update some missing elements - we now don't try to update those elements in the context of a sales document.


Speed enhancements to Search Tyres

Adjusted the queries populating Search Tyres to run more efficiently.

Added Stock Adjustment functionality

Added the "Stock Adjustments" feature under Parts. Users can now record "Add" and "Subtract" stock adjustments for parts and tyres, adjusting their stock levels without the use of a Purchase Invoice or Sales Invoice / Jobsheet.

Please Note: For “Subtract” adjustments, VGM will automatically find the most recent Purchase Invoice for that part and set the Adjustment Cost to the cost on that invoice. Users can manually overwrite the associated invoice and the Cost value if they wish.

Prompt user to update part cost when fulfilling a purchase order

When converting a Purchase Order to a Purchase Invoice, if the currently edited line item has a different cost to its associated part in the database, VGM will now prompt the user to update the part cost if required.

Show Required fields on Add Edit Part

When adding or editing a part or tyre, VGM will now display the required fields with an asterisk.

Added Temporary Parts functionality

Users can now add Temporary Parts to sales documents. These temporary parts are single-use, and can only be associated with one document of each type. Temporary parts do not display in the normal parts grids and stock reports, and have their own area in VGM under "Parts". They can optionally be associated with a Purchase Order or Purchase Invoice.

Please Note: Temporary part items on documents differ from regular part items because when they are edited, you will be editing the temporary part itself (rather than just a line item on a document). For this reason, making a change on a temporary part will also update the line item on any document it has been added to. Some temporary part fields are disabled depending upon which documents they have been added to, in order to maintain data quality.

Advanced Markup Criteria

Users can now apply advanced markup criteria rules to Tyres. Using these rules, the user can refine their standard markup with rules based upon tyre Attributes, Manufacturer, Summer, Winter, Extra Load, Run Flat, SUV and Van tyre values. This markup can be applied as a percentage or fixed value, and can be applied to both Grouptyre stock and Local stock.

Please Note: Recalculating tyre markup is done on a scheduled basis every 15 minutes. To force a system to recalculate markup on demand, the user will need to click “Save” within the Advanced Markup window, and then also click “Save” at the bottom-right of the Tyre Config tab. A progress bar displaying the recalculation progress will then open.

Create Local Stock tyres from Grouptyre Stock

Users can now create Local Stock tyres directly from Grouptyre Stock tyres, without having to place an order for that tyre.

Barcode Scanning in Search Tyres

Users can now search for tyres using Barcodes. This will apply anywhere that tyres can be searched, to both the Local and Grouptyre stock grids.

VGM Release July 2017

July 6, 2017 16:11

This release includes a number of general bugfixes and a large number of new features across all areas. Areas most improved are Parts / Tyres, the Planner, and the Diary - however other areas have also seen new functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: Vehicle Bookings - Some list items are overflowing the grid area, and being hidden
    Fix: Altered the grid control height to prevent overflow.
  • Bug: Jobsheet Technician grouping is not ordered consistently
    Fix: Set Technicians dropdown query to order alphabetically.
  • Bug: Reports and Sales Documents containing multiple items which require a data source (e.g. embedded tables) cannot find the report data source when run
    Fix: Altered report run process to search Report object for all objects requiring a data source, and binding them manually prior to display.
  • Bug: It is possible to create a Sales Receipt on a Sales Invoice when that invoice does not have an assigned customer
    Fix: Attempting to open the Sales Receipts tab without a customer selected will launch an alert requesting the user allocate a customer before creating sales receipts.
  • Bug: Asp.Net Error "Input string was not in a correct format." when opening some bookings in the diary
    Fix: Error was caused by an invalid value being passed into the form - amended the form query to select and coalesce this value to 0 rather than pass it in.
  • Bug: Cannot create a new sales receipt from the Sales Receipts window
    Fix: Added a button to create a new Sales Receipt, in the Sales Receipts window.


VRM - Implement detailed auditing

Performing a successful Vehicle Registration lookup in VGM will now log the lookup details to the database, aiding in support ticket resolution and usage tracking.

Reports - Implement user access restrictions

You can now restrict access to Financial Reports for non-admin users in VGM. Navigate to Config, Users and double-click on a user, click on the “permissions” tab and select Financial from the dropdown, and toggle the “Reporting” checkbox on or off.

Customers - Preventing accidental over-writing of customer data

Altering and saving the data of an existing customer will now trigger an alert asking whether you want to update this customer or save the details as a new customer entry.

Bookings - Update Jobsheet dates when moving an associated booking

When you move a booking which has an associated jobsheet to a different time or date, VGM will now offer you the option of updating the associated Jobsheet as well.

Sales Invoices - Deleting Sales Invoice Part items created from a Jobsheet will also update the jobsheet

When you create a Sales Invoice from a jobsheet that contains Parts line items, deleting or altering the quantity of that item will now be reflected on the Jobsheet as well.

Please note: In order to prevent the malicious deletion of Parts items (which would now leave no paper trail as a result of this feature), only Admin level users will now be able to delete or alter the quantity of Sales Invoice Part items created from a Jobsheet.

Tyres - “Attributes” Search options on Tyre Grids (Local and Grouptyre)

The Tyres screen now has an “Attributes” search option. This option will allow you to search your Local and Grouptyre available stock by Width, Profile, Rim Size and Speed Rating directly, rather than use a stock code.

Parts & Tyres - Added a “Show Zero Stock” filter option to Parts and Tyres stock grids

You can now filter your local Parts and Tyres stock grids by their stock quantity. Toggle this option on or off using the checkbox located in the top-right of any stock grid within VGM.

Parts & Tyres - Implement “Purchases” and “Sales” nominal codes for Parts, Tyres and Product Groups

We have replaced the existing single “Nominal Code” field on Parts and Tyres with independent “Purchases” and “Sales” nominal code fields, allowing you to specify different nominal codes for sales and purchase documents. You can also specify to use the Default for that part, which will then look for a valid nominal code on the associated product group, or failing that use the global default for your branch.

Please note: These nominal codes will be applied automatically when adding parts to financial documents and jobsheets.

Messaging - Allow users to send messages to customers from Sales documents

You can now right-click on sales documents (Sales Invoices, Quotations, Credit Notes) in the “Sales Invoices” tab, and create a new SMS, Email or Printed message for that customer.

Customers - Added “Dr” to the Titles dropdown when adding or editing a customer

You can now select “Dr” from the Titles dropdown when Adding or Editing a customer.

Planner - Associate Planner Appointments with a Technician / Bay / Slot Type

You can now associate planner appointments with a resource (Technicians, Bays or Slot Types). These appointments can now also be dragged between different resources of the same type.

Planner - Allow users to configure their own Planner Resource Group filtering and sort order

You can now configure the resources visible in the planner on a per-user basis, and order them however you wish. These settings are saved to your user profile, so will persist when logging out and back in again.

Reminders - Update all existing reminder dates when altering slot type reminder delivery periods

You can now re-calculate the delivery dates and times for all existing reminder messages when altering the delivery offset for slot type reminders. Tick the checkbox next to the save button to update these reminders upon saving.

Purchase Orders - Add a “Fully Fulfilled” column to Purchase Orders grid

The purchase orders grid will now show a “Fully Fulfilled” column, indicating whether that order has been completely fulfilled by sales invoices or not. You can also filter by this column using the filter dropdowns next to the search.

Purchase Orders - Add printing to purchase orders

Users can now print purchase orders. You can do this using the “Print” icon in the Purchase Orders Screen toolbar, or using the “Print Purchase Order” button in the bottom-left of the “Edit Purchase Order” window.

General - Updated some toolbar icons throughout VGM

Some of the toolbar icons in VGM have been replaced with more suitable alternatives. These include:

  • Search
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shopping Baskets
  • Parts / Tyres

VGM Release March 2017

March 13, 2017 20:24

This new release package consists of bugfixes and substantial improvements to the Planner. There are also further enhancements to the Tyres screen along with some other minor new functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: VRM Lookup - One of the data providers was not returning the vehicle manufactured date when searched
    Fix: The provider is now returning this data.
  • Bug: Booking Details - If opening and editing the vehicle the changes were not persisting back to the booking details
    Fix: The edit vehicle screen will now update the details in the bookings screen if it is open
  • Bug: Diary - If the diary is slow to load there is a possibility you could change date but open a slot from a previous date
    Fix: We have added an invisible loading panel to overlay the diary when changing dates. This means you cannot open a slot until the page has finished loading. We have also added some database indexes to increase performance
  • Bug: Planner - Does not show updates in real time to Bookings / Jobsheets
    Fix: We have implemented a fix so real time updates from other users to the diary will now be reflected in Appointments / Jobsheets / Bookings
  • Bug: Planner - Recurring appointments do not show correctly
    Fix: If the original appointment was outside of the view on screen, the recurring appointments would not show. This has now been fixed so that all recurring appointments appear as and when they are booked for
  • Bug: SMS Templates - Character limit causing issues with HTML templates
    Fix: The SMS character limit of 160 was being enforced on merge tags which was not accurate to the length of the message, a warning message has been implemented instead which will allow you to bypass it if desired.
  • Bug: SMS Templates - Special characters not displaying correctly
    Fix: Text messages were being sent as HTML. This caused display issues with special characters. This has been changed so the text messages are now being sent as plain text
  • Bug: Bookings Report - Customer company name cannot be used to search
    Fix: We have fixed the search function to now include the company name
  • Bug: General - Restriction properties cannot restrict just financial config
    Fix: Previously, if a user was created with restricted access to the Financial functions they would not have access to any of the Financial menu. This option has been fixed so that users can now have access to the the Financial functions but not be able to change the Financial Settings
  • Bug: Diary - Insert Booking default values not being populated
    Fix: The dropdown boxes are now having their default options applied to save time when inserting a booking
  • Bug: Sales Invoices / Credits / Quotations - Clearing vehicle does not clear it
    Fix: Clearing the vehicle from a Sales Invoice / Credit / Quotation without replacing the vehicle will now show when closing the window instead of retaining the vehicle as previously happened


Planner - Overview

We have been working on extensively increasing the functionality of the planner within VGM to enable users to manage their bookings and Jobsheets all in one place.

Planner - Searching, Filtering and Grouping

You can now search for Appointments, Jobsheets and Bookings:

As well as filter what is showing on the grid:

Just showing Appointments and Jobsheets:

Just showing Bookings:

By clicking on the Settings button, there are also additional planner settings which allow you to group your appointments together, either by Technician, Bay or Slot Type:


This will result in bookings displaying within their specified resource:

You can also configure various additional settings on the Advanced settings tab:

Planner - Managing Appointments and Jobsheets

You can add Jobsheets and Appointments directly into the Planner:

Right click on an empty cell to create a Jobsheet or an Appointment

Right click or double click an appointment to edit or delete it.

You can now right click on a Jobsheet to perform multiple tasks which could only previously be performed in the Jobsheets screen.

Planner - Managing Bookings

Click on the ‘New Booking’ button on the top toolbar to create a booking

This will bring up a new window which will give you the option of using an existing slot or creating a new one

If you choose to use an existing slot you can then filter the available slots by Slot Type, Bay and Technician


If you choose to insert a new booking, you will need to specify a time, the Slot Type, Bay and Technician. The dropdowns will be populated with your specified default values

Once you have created a booking, you can edit it by double clicking or by right clicking which will also give you the ability to perform multiple other actions which were previously only available in the Diary

Planner - Reminders

Within the planner users have the ability to set reminder notifications against appointments

Previously you would have to be on the planner screen to see them and could miss an alert if using a different area of the software or different program. Now reminders will show as browser notifications ensuring you never miss an alert


Clicking on this reminder will take you to the planner where you will see the full alert window

Please note: For this functionality to work you must open the Planner when launching VGM. The Planner can be found by clicking on the Diaries menu button then selecting Planner from the drop down menu.


The cheapest tyres will now be sorted to the top of the Group Tyre feed by default.

The ‘National Qty’ column name has been changed to ‘Regional Qty’ - you will still see all the tyres that you are able to order.

VRM tyre search now does not filter tyres by their speed rating to give users more results on searches.

Users can now configure the columns on the Group Tyre data feed, setting which ones are visible and also amending the order, so you only see what is most useful to you.


Please note: All view settings are now saved to your user profile, so you only need to configure things once.

Take the guesswork out of quotes and save time with Motasoft Job Times

April 26, 2016 17:12

Vehicle repair and servicing ‘guesstimates’: Art, science or craft?

A customer wants to know how much it is going to be to MOT a 2008 Toyota Yaris and drop in a new clutch. For many managing independent garages, a typical thought process runs something like:

Try to remember if you’ve ever done that job before on that specific make and model… How long did it take? Was there anything particularly tricky…? I want to be competitive… but I don’t want to lose money… or annoy the customer if I have to bill for additional time over and above the quote.

Sometimes, the process is best described as a ‘guesstimate’ - part guess and part estimate. It can be tricky. Its part art, part science, part craft and to work out an answer might take a bit of time, time that could be spent on doing other things that more directly generate turnover and profit…

Motasoft Vehicle Technical Data Job Times feature

Motasoft Virtual Garage Manager (VGM) provides access to accurate job times through our comprehensive Vehicle Technical Data feature. This provides easy access to Job Times for lightning-fast quotations. To access Vehicle Technical Data for a specific vehicle, simply click the technical data button and Motasoft automatically searches for the vehicle assigned to the Jobsheet. The software fetches detailed technical information relating to the VRM including Job Times for common procedures and repairs.

These screens show how Motasoft lets you accelerate the process of quoting for this job:

The Jobsheet with the basic MOT with a typical standard charge.

Now locate and add the specific task of removing and refitting the clutch.

Finally, bring it all together on a Jobsheet or Quotation and turn either of these into a Sales Invoice.

Get more accurate quotes faster with Motasoft

Job Times is just one of the excellent benefits you get with Vehicle Technical Data from Motasoft. As well as complete VGM integration which conveniently brings together the workflow and paperwork, Vehicle Technical Data also provides all the necessary information to help you perform the job as quickly and efficiently as possible, including diagrams and photos.

To provide rapid diagnosis, you can lookup fault codes, speeding up the entire process. of replacement part ordering and fitting. To find out more about Motasoft VGM simply fill in our form today.

For more information just contact us on 0117 9 428 678 or click here to visit the VGM area of the website.

Change Log

November 25, 2015 15:31

Changelog [BETA]

  • Bugfix - Adding Sales Receipt when invoice is negative
  • Bugfix - Transferring from Quote to Invoice / Jobsheet wipes item descriptions
  • Bugfix - When merging customers, if the invoice is open and they try to save the invoice the Bugfix - customer no longer exists and causes a null exception
  • Bugfix - Jobsheets, adding parts does not refresh window
  • Bugfix - Cost of booking not updating when vehicle changed
  • Bugfix - Ordering reminders by due date (order as a date rather than string)
  • Bugfix - Search bar in customers /vehicles / parts disappears
  • Bugfix - Customer price of 0 not applied in booking details form
  • Bugfix - Postcode lookups showing unknown (short postcodes only)
  • Bugfix - Send an email document to blank recipient gives an error
  • Bugfix - Parts interface hangs intermittently
  • New Feature - Add future scheduled messaged to the Outbound Message Queue
  • New Feature - Administrator control to unlock invoices
  • New Feature - Radio code field added to bookings
  • New Feature - Add order number field to Sales Invoices
  • New Feature - Slot type selection dropdown lengthened
  • New Feature - Add Sales Invoice support for Insurance Companies
  • New Feature - Add “Search by Mobile Number” in Bookings Customer Search (use international syntex, e.g. "447803 813 964")