choose the right tyres graphic

Choose the right tyres for a better drive

September 27, 2016 10:02

With the plethora of tyre brands and products that exist today, choosing the right tyres for your vehicle or style of driving can be a laborious task.

The EU tyre label, which is now present on all new tyres manufactured since July 2012, provides some information on the level of fuel economy, wet grip ability, and noise emissions each tyre produces. However, these can still be relatively meaningless to consumers.

Car owners may not be entirely aware that the type of tyres they choose to have fitted on their car can affect the way they drive, with regard to the maximum speed they can reach, the amount of fuel they consume, and their braking distance on wet roads.

We have pulled together some information about these tyre label ratings into an easily digestible infographic, to give consumers a better idea about the type of tyre they are looking for. You may even fancy getting it printed to put up in your customer lounge; download a large scale, print-ready pdf of the infographic here (sized for printing on A2).

EU Tyre labelling infographic, with information on choosing the right tyres.