Welcome to the Motasoft Blog

March 8, 2016 09:37

Entrepreneurial independent motor businesses are in the right place!

Hello from the Motasoft blog!

All of you independent motor trade business managers and owners should watch this space for all the latest news and discussion that may be of interest.

The motor trade is very entrepreneurial with the best used vehicle sales and motor servicing businesses enjoying excellent profitability. Naturally, some of the themes that are of interest to independent garages include:

  • Growing your garage or vehicle servicing business
  • Improving efficiency and better garage management
  • Driving growth and increasing profitability

The importance of technology in the motor trade

But it’s not all about business. MOT testing has been technology led for many years now. Auto-diagnostics is a long established standard. Technology has created complexity but it in the process it has transformed vehicle reliability out of all recognition.

However, it doesn’t end there.  Technology is changing the world fast and as far as the motor trade goes the pedal still seems to be on the metal; so we think it’s important we also look at:

  • Vehicle technology including developments in hybrid/electric and self-driving vehicles
  • Software solutions, Cloud technology and the Internet
  • How Motasoft technology helps to smooth admin for the motor services trade

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