VGM Release September 2019

September 18, 2019 16:00

This release includes Xero Integration in the Company Portal, Implementation of Van Runs in Booking Systems, Planner improvements in VGM and more.



Better use of the “All Day” header in the Planner

A configuration option which allows users to toggle the use of "All Day" header for Jobsheets has been added.

Drag and Drop for Jobsheets and Bookings in the planner

Editing Jobsheets and Bookings in the planner is now a lot easier. An individual Jobsheet or Booking can be expanded or shrunk to increase or decrease the time allocation. They can also be dragged from one place and dropped in another to change the date, time or resource.

Hide / Show Not Assigned column in the planner

Configuration option for hiding and showing the “Not Assigned” column in the planner has been added. When the “Not Assigned” column is hidden, another resource has to be set as the “Default Not Assigned”.

Show / Hide Opened / Closed Jobsheets in planner

A new option in the Display drop-down menu allows the visibility of Open and Closed Jobsheets to be configured.

More fields in the planner preview configuration

Jobsheet - Date/Time In/Required, Technician Name, Bay Name, QA, Adviser.

Booking - Booking Date/Time, Modified Date, Technician Name, Bay Name, Online / Offline Booking, User name, Invoice Status.

Default booking date

If the planner is in Week or Month View, and the current date falls within that date range, the booking date will be set to the current date upon opening the New Booking window.

Tyre Van Runs

There is a new tab in the Tyre Configuration screen for Van Runs, and a new tab for configuring Tyreshop Sites.

Vehicle History screen has been improved

The Vehicle History screen now offers a hierarchical grid which details all items on each document.

Reports Tab in the Customer and Vehicle screens

A new tab - Reports - in the Customer and in the Vehicle screen, allows for easier access to customer or vehicle related reports respectively.

Tyre Attribute Search - Auto focus next box

When inputting attributes, next box will be automatically focused without the need to tab or select the box manually.

Save button on Price Band screen

Price Band screen now has both “Save” as well as “Save and Close” buttons.

Compulsory mileage revamp

If compulsory mileage is enabled, it will now only enforce mileage when creating or saving an invoice, or changing the status of a Jobsheet to complete / closed.

Product Group check-boxes adjustment

The "New Parts & Tyres Default" check-box is now split into two separate check-boxes and rest of the check-boxes are shown or hidden based on whether the "Tyre" checkbox is ticked.

Printing multiple documents

Printing multiple Sales Documents and Jobsheets at once is now possible.

Invoice column in the Diary

A new column - Invoiced - has been added to the diary.

Document line items can be opened when posted

You can now inspect each line item even when the document is in read-only mode.

Popup informing of local price difference when ordering tyres

When you order a tyre the system will check the price of your local stock and ask if you want to update it before ordering.

Booking Systems

Implementation of Van Runs

Available dates and times for tyre fitting are now calculated using van run data, allowing booking systems to offer same or next day fitting for tyres stocked locally.

Company Portal

Direct Xero Integration

In our new Xero integration, you can now send your Purchase and Sales financial documents over to Xero without the need to export and import spreadsheets. The direct Xero integration in the Company Portal sends the documents directly to Xero, including any payments you might have recorded against them.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new report:

  • VAT breakdown on takings by date range.

And the following reports have been updated:

  • Nominal Ledger Summary and Nominal Ledger Itemised reports now have a Quantity column.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Various Display Issues.
    Fix: Fix: We have implemented a dynamic and more efficient way of laying out elements on the screen which introduced a few visual inconsistencies on some browsers. These should be solved now but we are in the process of upgrading other areas of our software to this new standard. When fully implemented, it should improve compatibility and performance across all browsers. In the meantime - If you notice any glitches, please report them to our support team with a version number of your browser and / or a screenshot.
  • Bug: In the Sales Invoice details window, by clicking on the “More Details” button a popup window appears which keeps opening when you switch tabs, even after you click on the “Close” button.
    Fix: The “Close” button now correctly closes the popup and keeps it closed until “More Details” is clicked again.
  • Bug: Ticking the “Trade customer” check-box in a Booking, does not update the price if the customer is not an existing customer.
    Fix: Ticking the check-box will now correctly update the price regardless of the booking having a new or existing customer.
  • Bug: Customer record can be changed when a sales receipt is allocated to a document.
    Fix: Editing customer record is now disabled if that document has a sales receipt allocated to it.
  • Bug: Jobsheet End Time can be incorrectly set to be earlier than Start Time.
    Fix: If the default End Time is before the Start Time, move the End Time to next day.
  • Bug: Message Totals are incorrect.
    Fix: Message count is now consistent with the number of messages in the list.
  • Bug: Parts can be deleted even if they are attached to Purchase Returns or Job Templates.
    Fix: There is a check that informs if a part belongs to a Purchase Return or Job Template when attempting to delete it.
  • Bug: Reminders tab doesn't show messaging status if legitimate interest is selected.
    Fix: Reminders tab will now correctly show messaging status if legitimate interested is selected.
  • Bug: In various places, where users could change the position of items on the grid, clicking the up or down arrow too quickly would break it.
    Fix: The affected places now have a safeguard in place which will prevent users from clicking the arrow button again before the data in the grid has fully updated.
  • Bug: Purchase Orders show incorrect quantities fulfilled.
    Fix: The calculation now correctly excludes the Purchase Orders which have been deleted.
  • Bug: Converting Purchase Documents could be duplicated if the Save button was pressed multiple times.
    Fix: Save button is now disabled after it has been clicked on once.
  • Bug: Edit button in the drop-down menu of Nominal and Vat Defaults window is not working.
    Fix: An outdated method was being used, this has been fixed now.
  • Bug: Delete button in the drop-down menu of Stock Adjustment window is not working.
    Fix: An outdated method was being used, this has been fixed now.
  • Bug: Some Emails fail to send.
    Fix: There now is additional logic which handles email addresses better.