VGM Release September 2018

September 25, 2018 11:50

This release includes a number of major new features in VGM. These include detecting and merging duplicate parts, deleting sales documents and tracking technicians through Jobsheets.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Changing grouping resource in the settings doesn't order them correctly.
    Fix: Reload the resources when the grouping type is changed.


Special Offer Configuration

Under the config options, you can now add, edit and delete special offers.

Alert shows when converting Sales Invoice to Sales Credit

When converting a Sales Invoice to a Sales Credit, an alert now shows to enable you to cancel if clicked by mistake.

New Reports

New parts below minimum stock level, Jobsheet Summary, Jobsheet Summary Itemised, Jobsheet efficiency and Technician efficiency reports have been added.

Filter Parts and Tyres by stock level

Parts and Tyres can now be filtered by below, above or all stock levels.

Jobsheet can be accessed from Sales Invoice

Sales invoices now have a link back to their corresponding Jobsheet.

Jobsheet Items can now be allocated to a Technician with either a start and end time or estimated hours

For bookings, labour and custom Jobsheet items, and technical data you can now assign a technician with a start and end time. If Technician tracking is enabled, you can instead assign an estimated amount of hours for the Jobsheet Item.

When technician tracking is disabled:

When technician tracking is enabled:

Search Customers By Vehicle Registration

When searching for a customer record, you can now use the vehicle registration number to find the customer.

Duplicate parts can now be merged

From the Parts or Tyres screen, you can now select duplicate Parts and Tyres to merge into a single Part or Tyre.

Administrators can now delete Sales Documents

Sales documents can now be deleted by VGM users with administrator privileges.

Guarantee Period Months added to temp parts

There is now a Guarantee Period Months field in the temp parts screen. This screen will also load the default parts markup from the financial settings.

Forgotten Password at login

There is now forgotten password functionality at login within VGM. Enter your username and a single use login link will be sent to the email account associated with the user. Clicking on this link will automatically log you into VGM where you can reset your password.

Technician Tracking

For administrators, there is now the ability to track Technician time against a Jobsheet. This is enabled in the settings screen, then from within a Job sheet, using the new tabs you can allocate individual Jobsheet items to a Technician. You can then begin tracking their time, which will calculate their hours worked and efficiency rating which will update in real-time as they work.