VGM Release November 2018

November 29, 2018 11:25

This release includes a number of major new features in VGM. These include Purchase Returns, adding Slot Types to a Quote, creating a Quote from a Booking and creating reminders without having to create a Booking.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Temp Parts tab order inconsistent
    Fix: Change the tab indexes so that hitting the tab key cycles through controls incrementally.
  • Bug: Vehicle Registration missing from planner appointments
    Fix: Added vehicle details to Bookings and vehicle registration to Jobsheets in the Planner.
  • Bug: Cannot send sms through Jobsheets in the Planner
    Fix: The customer mobile number was not being loaded causing the option to be greyed out. This has been corrected so sms can now be sent.


Document Event Logging

When in sales documents, there is now an 'Event Log' tab that shows the history of a document, this includes print and email correspondence.

Net amount markup criteria

Parts and Tyres can now be marked up by a net amount, like in temp parts.

This can also be set as the default markup criteria in financial settings.

Notes in Planner

Notes have been added to the preview in the Planner.

Get the latest status information about your tyre order

In Purchase Orders you can now check the status of a tyre order directly with the wholesaler.

The status will show as Success, Pending or Failure and update the purchase order status accordingly.

Add Slot Types or Create a Quote directly from a Booking

Quotes can now be created from a booking using the right click context menu.

You can also add Slot Types directly to a Quote which can then be converted to a Booking.

Temp Parts can now be added to a Quote

Until now Temp Parts could only be added to invoices and credits, now you can add them to quotes too.

Clone a Quote

You can now duplicate the details of a Quote using the 'Clone Quotation' option in the right click context menu.

Search the Customer Vehicles screen

There is now a search bar in the customer vehicles screen to make it easier to find certain vehicles if there are many results.

Create Reminders without a Booking

You can now create reminders for customers without having to create a booking.

Notes column has been added to the Diary screen

The Booking notes column has now been added to the main Diary.

Add Custom Payment Types

You can now add custom payment types to VGM allowing you to extend the system defaults.

Purchase Returns

VGM now allows you to manage your Purchase Returns; Parts are marked for return in your stock management screen.

You can then log details about the item and create the return.