VGM Release November 2017

November 16, 2017 14:28

This release includes many general bugfixes, with a focus on bugs in Parts and Tyres. All of the enhancements in this release also relate to Parts and Tyres, with performance improvements for some areas as well as some major new features including Advanced Tyre Markup, Stock Adjustments, and Temporary Parts.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: Using “Update Existing Reminders” when saving email templates passed in an incorrect Sender Address in some cases.
    Fix: Altered save process to always pass in correct Sender Address.
  • Bug: Changing the current page, or changing the number of items per page in Search Tyres and Add Parts Work Item would de-select the currently selected tyre, but not update the lower page elements to reflect this.
    Fix: Lower grids will now rebind when changing page, or changing the number of items per page.
  • Bug: User Settings in Search Tyres not updating & loading correctly on when posting back to server.
    Fix: User Settings now save and load correctly when posting back.
  • Bug: Intercom system disappearing, but still leaving a non-clickable area in the bottom-right corner.
    Fix: Intercom iFrame was being removed when changing tab, amended hide iFrame functions to exclude Intercom frame.
  • Bug: Some inline edit commands causing the Vat / Nominal code fields to reset on submit to server.
    Fix: Rather than checking the Value of the dropdown (which resets on submit), we now check the Text of the dropdown (which doesn't).
  • Bug: "Send to Cameo" context menu button not displaying, introduced in the last version.
    Fix: When setting this option's visibility, new Context Menu items caused the wrong item to be selected. Now selecting by Value of the button, rather than index.
  • Bug: Customer Email doesn't validate against existing emails when entering a booking.
    Fix: Added extra validation to check if the new Customer Email already exists in the database.
  • Bug: "Technician: " labels were visible when editing a work item on non-jobsheet documents.
    Fix: On non-jobsheet documents, this label will now be hidden.
  • Bug: Timing issues with displaying the Email Customer Invoice button in Add Edit Sales Invoice when using Firefox.
    Fix: Adjusted the element selection for the button to avoid potential timing issues.
  • Bug: When deleting a part, Delete Process wasn't checking whether that part exists on Sales Quotations.
    Fix: Added checks for existing Sales Quotations to Delete Items for Parts.
  • Bug: Every time you add tyres to a Sales Invoice, if VRM is not enabled a prompt warns the user that VRM is disabled.
    Fix: Removed VRM disabled prompt.
  • Bug: Users cannot insert appointments into the Diary unless there are already slots available for that day.
    Fix: Users can now insert appointments into the diary when there are no existing slots available for that day.
  • Bug: When changing a technician's name, the changes are not reflected in the planner.
    Fix: Saving a Technician now re-loads the Planner, and Planner Resource names are now loaded from the database rather than the user config settings.
  • Bug: New Slot Types are created with a default VAT Code ID of 0, causing issues with reporting and diary views.
    Fix: New slot types are now created with the branch default VAT code.
  • Bug: Slot Type Message Templates (Email) do not save/load Sender email correctly.
    Fix: Slot Type message templates now save/load sender emails correctly.
  • Bug: When adding tyres to a sales document with only local stock enabled, filtering by manufacturer throws an error.
    Fix: This error was caused by trying to update some missing elements - we now don't try to update those elements in the context of a sales document.


Speed enhancements to Search Tyres

Adjusted the queries populating Search Tyres to run more efficiently.

Added Stock Adjustment functionality

Added the "Stock Adjustments" feature under Parts. Users can now record "Add" and "Subtract" stock adjustments for parts and tyres, adjusting their stock levels without the use of a Purchase Invoice or Sales Invoice / Jobsheet.

Please Note: For “Subtract” adjustments, VGM will automatically find the most recent Purchase Invoice for that part and set the Adjustment Cost to the cost on that invoice. Users can manually overwrite the associated invoice and the Cost value if they wish.

Prompt user to update part cost when fulfilling a purchase order

When converting a Purchase Order to a Purchase Invoice, if the currently edited line item has a different cost to its associated part in the database, VGM will now prompt the user to update the part cost if required.

Show Required fields on Add Edit Part

When adding or editing a part or tyre, VGM will now display the required fields with an asterisk.

Added Temporary Parts functionality

Users can now add Temporary Parts to sales documents. These temporary parts are single-use, and can only be associated with one document of each type. Temporary parts do not display in the normal parts grids and stock reports, and have their own area in VGM under "Parts". They can optionally be associated with a Purchase Order or Purchase Invoice.

Please Note: Temporary part items on documents differ from regular part items because when they are edited, you will be editing the temporary part itself (rather than just a line item on a document). For this reason, making a change on a temporary part will also update the line item on any document it has been added to. Some temporary part fields are disabled depending upon which documents they have been added to, in order to maintain data quality.

Advanced Markup Criteria

Users can now apply advanced markup criteria rules to Tyres. Using these rules, the user can refine their standard markup with rules based upon tyre Attributes, Manufacturer, Summer, Winter, Extra Load, Run Flat, SUV and Van tyre values. This markup can be applied as a percentage or fixed value, and can be applied to both Grouptyre stock and Local stock.

Please Note: Recalculating tyre markup is done on a scheduled basis every 15 minutes. To force a system to recalculate markup on demand, the user will need to click “Save” within the Advanced Markup window, and then also click “Save” at the bottom-right of the Tyre Config tab. A progress bar displaying the recalculation progress will then open.

Create Local Stock tyres from Grouptyre Stock

Users can now create Local Stock tyres directly from Grouptyre Stock tyres, without having to place an order for that tyre.

Barcode Scanning in Search Tyres

Users can now search for tyres using Barcodes. This will apply anywhere that tyres can be searched, to both the Local and Grouptyre stock grids.