VGM Release March 2019

March 5, 2019 10:52

This release includes a large number of bug fixes throughout VGM and the booking systems, alongside several smaller new features requested by our users. It also includes our new Purchase Payments functionality, allowing users to record Payments and Refunds against their Purchase Invoices and Credits.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Entering an appointment description above maximum length causes an error.
    Fix: Prevent entry of of long descriptions above maximum character length.
  • Bug: Address fields aren’t included on Communication Consent Exports.
    Fix: Added Address 2, Address 3, County to Communication Consent Exports.
  • Bug: “Sales Invoices” window is inappropriately named (displays Invoices, Credits and Quotations).
    Fix: Re-named “Sales Invoices” to “Sales Documents”.
  • Bug: Temporary parts are visible on Stock reports.
    Fix: Stock reports now include a checkbox to determine whether Temporary Parts are included.
  • Bug: Inactive technicians showing up in Jobsheets and Planner configuration.
    Fix: Technician drop-down boxes in Jobsheets and Planner config now check whether technician is active.
  • Bug: “Allocate Sales Refund” throws an error if Xero is enabled.
    Fix: Amended disable “Add New Refund” button when Xero is enabled, to prevent error.
  • Bug: Service prices loading incorrectly in Diary if slot type has no group.
    Fix: Service slot types without a group now load prices correctly.
  • Bug: Unable to add a Vehicle to sales invoices created from scratch.
    Fix: Re-added code (previously removed) adding Vehicle to sales invoice.
  • Bug: Unable to select a message template when sending messages from Jobsheets in the Planner.
    Fix: Visible message templates are now determined by what data is available on the jobsheet (e.g. Customer, Vehicle).
  • Bug: Closing another tab when a Diary tab is selected throws an error.
    Fix: Closing non-diary tabs while a diary tab is open is now handled correctly.
  • Bug: Planner throws an error if bookings exist with a duration > 1 day.
    Fix: Planner now supports bookings with duration > 1 day.
  • Bug: Planner doesn’t display bookings with start/end date & time outside of current visible range.
    Fix: All bookings overlapping current date range will now display, even when start and date dates are both outside of visible range.
  • Bug: Add / Edit Special Offer window “Discount Type” dropdown breaks when changed.
    Fix: This issue was caused by an error when updating the view when a new selection is made. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug: Sales Receipts / Refunds grids were being ordered by date incorrectly (ordering by text rather than date value).
    Fix: The date columns on these grids now order correctly by their date value.
  • Bug: Saving custom items in Jobsheets doesn’t save the selected Nominal code.
    Fix: Custom items on Jobsheets now correctly save their nominal codes.
  • Bug: Add / Edit Special Offer window only allows whole numbers in discount field.
    Fix: Decimal values are now allowed in the Discount field.
  • Bug: Planner Add Booking (into existing slot) displays available slots which are missing Technician and BayIDs.
    Fix: Technician and Bay ID are now required for slots to display in the Available Slots dropdown.

Websites & Booking Systems

  • Bug: Inactive special offers still visible on Umbraco booking systems.
    Fix: Inactive special offers will now be hidden on Umbraco booking systems.
  • Bug: Umbraco New Vehicle IDs not saving to shopping basket.
    Fix: New vehicle IDs created through Umbraco bookings are now saved to shopping baskets.


Implement supplier search in Purchase Invoices

The Search function in Purchase Invoices will now also search the values in the “Supplier” column.

Assign Payments & Refunds to Purchase Invoices & Credits

In preparation for the MTD legislation coming into force this year, VGM users can now record payments and refunds against Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credits. This extends our existing financial features to include the full Purchases workflow.

For full details on assigning Purchase Payments, take a look at our documentation:

For full details on assigning Purchase Refunds, take a look at our documentation:

Updated Reports

Vehicle has been added to the Sales Invoice and Sales Credit Summary reports.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new reports:

  • Parts & Tyres Stock by Group (Sorted)
  • Parts & Tyres Stock (Sorted)
  • Sales Invoices by Nominal Code

Remember user document quantities

Users can now save the quantities used when adding Custom and Labour items to sales documents. These will be automatically filled when the user next goes to add a Custom or Labour item to a sales document.

Merge Suppliers

Duplicate parts suppliers in VGM can now be merged into a single record, to improve the quality of your data.

For full details on our new Supplier Merge feature, take a look at our documentation:

New “Ask Consent” setting

A new option has been added to the “Settings” window, allowing users to decide whether or not they want to ask for communication consent on their booking system.

Email multiple documents to customers

When sending a sales document to a customer, you can now select multiple sales documents for the same customer and send them all in one email.

“Carbon Copy” (CC) other email addresses when sending from VGM

VGM users can now add “Carbon Copy” recipients to emails sent to their customers from VGM. This includes Sales Document emails sent to customers.

Technical Data Service Checklists now display Branch and Vehicle details

Branch and Vehicle details both now display on Service Checklists returned from Technical Data Lookups. These are also included on the print-out versions of these checklists.

Access Technical Data from Jobsheets

You can not access the technical data feature through the Jobsheets window (right click), and the Add / Edit Jobsheet window (icon in the vehicle details panel).

Technical Data Labour Times Multiplier

VGM users can now apply a global multiplier to all labour times returned through technical data, when adding a Labour (technical data) item to a document. This will multiply the technical data "estimated hours" value by whatever your multiplier is set to (e.g. 1.2 would add 20%), allowing you to adjust the labour times if you find them consistently too short or too long.