VGM Release March 2018

March 9, 2018 17:07

This release includes general bugfixes throughout VGM, with the majority being minor fixes for the new Temporary Parts functionality. Major new features include Scheduled Messages for Sales Invoices and a new integration with accounting package Xero.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: Booking Details customer search shows previous vehicle owners.
    Fix: Altered the search query to filter out any previous owners.
  • Bug: Temporary Parts grid not refreshing when temporary parts are deleted.
    Fix: Added a global event that reloads the Temporary Parts grid when a temporary part is deleted or saved elsewhere in VGM.
  • Bug: On Booking Details & Add Edit Customer, users can enter a phone number into an email field.
    Fix: Added validation for Customer Email in Booking Details and Add Edit Customer.
  • Bug: Users can add bookings with online payments to existing Jobsheets and/or Sales Invoices.
    Fix: Added additional filters to the booking search query to exclude those with online payments.
  • Bug: Users can create multiple Purchase Credits for a single Temporary Part.
    Fix: Reload Temporary Parts Grid when creating Purchase Credits to trigger validation.
  • Bug: Temporary Parts Description dropdown not populating with previous part descriptions.
    Fix: Removed a filter in the search query that restricted results to Tyres only.
  • Bug: In the Planner settings, users could set day end times that were earlier than day start times, causing an error.
    Fix: Added additional validation when saving Planner Settings to prevent end times which are earlier than the start time.
  • Bug: SMS Templates contain invalid HTML-encoded characters.
    Fix: This was caused by Merge tags being added with HTML-encoded characters rather than a regular character set. Additional checks have been added to convert HTML-encoded characters into their normal equivalents.
  • Bug: VAT Code grids don't refresh when editing VAT Rates.
    Fix: Added a global event to update the VAT Code grids when saving a VAT Rate.
  • Bug: Service pricing in Booking Details doesn't update on VRM Lookup.
    Fix: Successful VRM lookups will now trigger a re-calculation of the booking cost, if a Service slot type is selected.


Parts - Filter by Product Group

You can now filter (search) Parts by the product group they belong to.

Search for Purchase Orders by Supplier

You can now search for Purchase Orders by their Supplier name.

Automated Messages toggle moved

The automated messages toggle has been moved from the top menu (Messaging > Automated Messages) to the Settings window (Config > Settings > Messaging).

Xero Sales Integration

VGM now offers a direct integration with Xero. Our new integration allows you to convert VGM Jobsheets into Xero invoices, instantly creating a new Xero Invoice with all items, payments and customer details included. You can then view and print that invoice from VGM, alongside any other Xero Invoices created through our integration.

For full details on our new Xero integration, take a look at our documentation:

To get started with the Xero integration, contact our support team on 01179 428 678.

Sales Document Messages

You can now send Scheduled Messages automatically for posted invoices. This functionality works in a similar way to the Reminders for bookings - Create a message template, set the delivery offset, and it will be automatically scheduled every time you post an invoice.

For more information about Sales Document Messages, check out our documentation:

New VRM supplier - CarweB

We have recently implemented a new VRM lookup provider into VGM, and our other systems (i.e. Online Booking, etc…). The CarweB VRM lookup includes additional data fields for vehicles searched, like Brake Horsepower figures. Their API also includes a number of additional failover strategies, allowing us to respond to short-term service issues more quickly than with some of our other providers.

Online Booking - VRM Lookup Limits

You can now set a limit for the number of VRM lookups that can be made from a particular IP Address through your online booking system. This allows you to set a maximum quantity of lookups that can be made in a specific time frame through your online booking system, for a single IP Address.

You will also be able to whitelist specific customers through your VGM system (for example, Trade customers), allowing them to make as many lookups as they like. These limits will give you greater control over how your VRM Lookup credits are used online, and prevent abuse of those systems in the rare cases that they are misused.

For more information about this or any of our other new features, please feel free to message us through the chat window in the bottom-right of your VGM system, or give us a call on 01179 428 678.