VGM Release March 2017

March 13, 2017 20:24

This new release package consists of bugfixes and substantial improvements to the Planner. There are also further enhancements to the Tyres screen along with some other minor new functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: VRM Lookup - One of the data providers was not returning the vehicle manufactured date when searched
    Fix: The provider is now returning this data.
  • Bug: Booking Details - If opening and editing the vehicle the changes were not persisting back to the booking details
    Fix: The edit vehicle screen will now update the details in the bookings screen if it is open
  • Bug: Diary - If the diary is slow to load there is a possibility you could change date but open a slot from a previous date
    Fix: We have added an invisible loading panel to overlay the diary when changing dates. This means you cannot open a slot until the page has finished loading. We have also added some database indexes to increase performance
  • Bug: Planner - Does not show updates in real time to Bookings / Jobsheets
    Fix: We have implemented a fix so real time updates from other users to the diary will now be reflected in Appointments / Jobsheets / Bookings
  • Bug: Planner - Recurring appointments do not show correctly
    Fix: If the original appointment was outside of the view on screen, the recurring appointments would not show. This has now been fixed so that all recurring appointments appear as and when they are booked for
  • Bug: SMS Templates - Character limit causing issues with HTML templates
    Fix: The SMS character limit of 160 was being enforced on merge tags which was not accurate to the length of the message, a warning message has been implemented instead which will allow you to bypass it if desired.
  • Bug: SMS Templates - Special characters not displaying correctly
    Fix: Text messages were being sent as HTML. This caused display issues with special characters. This has been changed so the text messages are now being sent as plain text
  • Bug: Bookings Report - Customer company name cannot be used to search
    Fix: We have fixed the search function to now include the company name
  • Bug: General - Restriction properties cannot restrict just financial config
    Fix: Previously, if a user was created with restricted access to the Financial functions they would not have access to any of the Financial menu. This option has been fixed so that users can now have access to the the Financial functions but not be able to change the Financial Settings
  • Bug: Diary - Insert Booking default values not being populated
    Fix: The dropdown boxes are now having their default options applied to save time when inserting a booking
  • Bug: Sales Invoices / Credits / Quotations - Clearing vehicle does not clear it
    Fix: Clearing the vehicle from a Sales Invoice / Credit / Quotation without replacing the vehicle will now show when closing the window instead of retaining the vehicle as previously happened


Planner - Overview

We have been working on extensively increasing the functionality of the planner within VGM to enable users to manage their bookings and Jobsheets all in one place.

Planner - Searching, Filtering and Grouping

You can now search for Appointments, Jobsheets and Bookings:

As well as filter what is showing on the grid:

Just showing Appointments and Jobsheets:

Just showing Bookings:

By clicking on the Settings button, there are also additional planner settings which allow you to group your appointments together, either by Technician, Bay or Slot Type:


This will result in bookings displaying within their specified resource:

You can also configure various additional settings on the Advanced settings tab:

Planner - Managing Appointments and Jobsheets

You can add Jobsheets and Appointments directly into the Planner:

Right click on an empty cell to create a Jobsheet or an Appointment

Right click or double click an appointment to edit or delete it.

You can now right click on a Jobsheet to perform multiple tasks which could only previously be performed in the Jobsheets screen.

Planner - Managing Bookings

Click on the ‘New Booking’ button on the top toolbar to create a booking

This will bring up a new window which will give you the option of using an existing slot or creating a new one

If you choose to use an existing slot you can then filter the available slots by Slot Type, Bay and Technician


If you choose to insert a new booking, you will need to specify a time, the Slot Type, Bay and Technician. The dropdowns will be populated with your specified default values

Once you have created a booking, you can edit it by double clicking or by right clicking which will also give you the ability to perform multiple other actions which were previously only available in the Diary

Planner - Reminders

Within the planner users have the ability to set reminder notifications against appointments

Previously you would have to be on the planner screen to see them and could miss an alert if using a different area of the software or different program. Now reminders will show as browser notifications ensuring you never miss an alert


Clicking on this reminder will take you to the planner where you will see the full alert window

Please note: For this functionality to work you must open the Planner when launching VGM. The Planner can be found by clicking on the Diaries menu button then selecting Planner from the drop down menu.


The cheapest tyres will now be sorted to the top of the Group Tyre feed by default.

The ‘National Qty’ column name has been changed to ‘Regional Qty’ - you will still see all the tyres that you are able to order.

VRM tyre search now does not filter tyres by their speed rating to give users more results on searches.

Users can now configure the columns on the Group Tyre data feed, setting which ones are visible and also amending the order, so you only see what is most useful to you.


Please note: All view settings are now saved to your user profile, so you only need to configure things once.