VGM Release June 2019

June 27, 2019 10:00

This release includes some new features and bug fixes in VGM. New features include a new Customer History window, an option to view Document Items in Full-Screen, and new configuration options in the Planner.



Customer History

Bookings window, detailing the booking history of a specific customer, has been expanded to now also include all Jobsheets and Sales Documents associated with that customer.

Add a vehicle to a quotation without a customer

Creating a quotation no longer requires a customer to be attached to the document.

Assign Parts and Tyres Default Group

Parts and Tyres can now have a Default Group assigned to them.

Warning about overwriting vehicle details

There is a warning now when user is about to overwrite vehicle details (Make/Model/Reg). A popup window will display information about this and allow the user to create a new vehicle or continue with updating the existing one.

Update Vehicle Mileage from documents

New checkbox “Update Vehicle”. When ticked while you save a document, the Mileage stored against the Vehicle will update with the mileage from that document .

Quality Assurance and Service Adviser on Jobsheets

Quality Assurance (Technician) and a Service Adviser (User) can now be assigned to a Jobsheet.

Remember Planner search and display settings

The search criteria and display filters in the Planner are now saved to the individual user. Any changes made will be remembered, and will no longer reset the Planner view whenever you reopen it.

Configurable Jobsheets grid

The Jobsheets grid is now configurable and has additional columns (Make, Model and Registration).

Searching customers by account reference when adding a vehicle owner

New column - “Reference” - has been added to the customer lookup screen, making it easier to find the correct customer.

Vehicle mileage in the vehicle history screen

Vehicle Mileage column has been added to the Vehicle History screen to provide a more detailed overview of the vehicles work history.

Search function in Job Templates

There is now a search function in Job Templates, allowing users to quickly locate the template they are looking for.

Supplier keyboard input

Adding/Editing Supplier through Purchase Invoices or Credits now switches focus to the “Save” button when selecting an existing Supplier, allowing users to more quickly add Purchase Invoices and Credits.

Configurable planner appointment previews

Planner Bookings/Jobsheets previews are now configurable via a new tab in the Planner Settings - “Previews Templates”. The process here is similar to how the Message Templates are created.

Horizontal setting in planner

Planner resources can now be grouped horizontally, and the colours of bookings match the colours of technicians.

Stock level filter when adding parts to documents

Users can now filter parts by stock level when adding parts to a document.

Engine Code from VRM

VRM now also retrieves Engine Code and saves it to the vehicle details. This field can be manually edited.

Full Screen document items

Users can now view sales document items (Jobsheets, Quotations, Sales Invoices, Sales Credits) in full-screen mode, improving item visibility on larger documents.

Change status of multiple Jobsheets at once

Users can now bulk-update the Completion Status and Open/Closed Status of multiple Jobsheets at once.

Scrollable Right-Click “Booking Status” menu in the Planner and in the Diary

The Booking Status right-click sub-menu is now scrollable and will no longer expand outside of the borders of the window.

Configuration setting to switch off approx collection times completely

There is now an option in the Web Settings tab in VGM (Config > Settings > Web) which allows users to toggle visibility of approximate collection times in Umbraco booking systems.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new reports:

  • Purchase Documents not posted
  • Vehicle Service History
  • Aged Creditors

And the following reports have been updated:

  • Jobsheet Summary and Jobsheet Summary Itemised:
  • These reports have more details and it is possible to filter them them between open and closed Jobsheets
  • Sales Invoices Not Posted Report:
  • This report been renamed to Sales Documents Not Posted as it now also includes Sales Credits
  • Sales Receipt Summary Report
  • Added Net and Vat fields

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Selecting multiple rows in sales documents and deleting them only removes the first item.
    Fix: The “Delete” button is now correctly disabled if more than one Sales Document is selected.
  • Bug: Emailing documents only allows customer template types.
    Fix: If a vehicle is attached to a document, the vehicle email templates will now also be available when emailing that document.
  • Bug: Incorrect vehicle mileage is used when converting bookings.
    Fix: This has been fixed to always use the document mileage when converting a booking.
  • Bug: “Create Sales Invoice” in Right-Click Menu of a Shopping Basket item has an incorrect icon.
    Fix: Correct icon for this option is now being used.
  • Bug: “Merge Duplicates” throws an error if too many records are selected.
    Fix: Updated implementation to support large numbers of records.
  • Bug: “Save” and “Close” buttons do not display on iPhones when adding a custom work item.
    Fix: The buttons now appear correctly on iPhones.
  • Bug: Postcode lookup on suppliers cuts off the top of the search results, and the “Close” button is not working.
    Fix: Repositioned the postcode lookup popup window and fixed the “Close” button.
  • Bug: While adding Customer Reminder, not all controls get updated when a vehicle is selected.
    Fix: “Slot Type” and “Due Date” fields are correctly refreshed (and enabled) when new vehicle is added.
  • Bug: Parts are loading in slowly.
    Fix: Parts query was amended to improve performance.
  • Bug: Changing the technician font colour is not reflected in the Diary.
    Fix: The technician font colour set in the technician settings will now correctly be used in the Diary.

Websites & Booking Systems

  • Bug: Possible to book duplicate services if two or more browser tabs are open.
    Fix: Websites & Booking Systems now prevent duplicates from being added to the basket.