VGM Release July 2017

July 6, 2017 16:11

This release includes a number of general bugfixes and a large number of new features across all areas. Areas most improved are Parts / Tyres, the Planner, and the Diary - however other areas have also seen new functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Bug: Vehicle Bookings - Some list items are overflowing the grid area, and being hidden
    Fix: Altered the grid control height to prevent overflow.
  • Bug: Jobsheet Technician grouping is not ordered consistently
    Fix: Set Technicians dropdown query to order alphabetically.
  • Bug: Reports and Sales Documents containing multiple items which require a data source (e.g. embedded tables) cannot find the report data source when run
    Fix: Altered report run process to search Report object for all objects requiring a data source, and binding them manually prior to display.
  • Bug: It is possible to create a Sales Receipt on a Sales Invoice when that invoice does not have an assigned customer
    Fix: Attempting to open the Sales Receipts tab without a customer selected will launch an alert requesting the user allocate a customer before creating sales receipts.
  • Bug: Asp.Net Error "Input string was not in a correct format." when opening some bookings in the diary
    Fix: Error was caused by an invalid value being passed into the form - amended the form query to select and coalesce this value to 0 rather than pass it in.
  • Bug: Cannot create a new sales receipt from the Sales Receipts window
    Fix: Added a button to create a new Sales Receipt, in the Sales Receipts window.


VRM - Implement detailed auditing

Performing a successful Vehicle Registration lookup in VGM will now log the lookup details to the database, aiding in support ticket resolution and usage tracking.

Reports - Implement user access restrictions

You can now restrict access to Financial Reports for non-admin users in VGM. Navigate to Config, Users and double-click on a user, click on the “permissions” tab and select Financial from the dropdown, and toggle the “Reporting” checkbox on or off.

Customers - Preventing accidental over-writing of customer data

Altering and saving the data of an existing customer will now trigger an alert asking whether you want to update this customer or save the details as a new customer entry.

Bookings - Update Jobsheet dates when moving an associated booking

When you move a booking which has an associated jobsheet to a different time or date, VGM will now offer you the option of updating the associated Jobsheet as well.

Sales Invoices - Deleting Sales Invoice Part items created from a Jobsheet will also update the jobsheet

When you create a Sales Invoice from a jobsheet that contains Parts line items, deleting or altering the quantity of that item will now be reflected on the Jobsheet as well.

Please note: In order to prevent the malicious deletion of Parts items (which would now leave no paper trail as a result of this feature), only Admin level users will now be able to delete or alter the quantity of Sales Invoice Part items created from a Jobsheet.

Tyres - “Attributes” Search options on Tyre Grids (Local and Grouptyre)

The Tyres screen now has an “Attributes” search option. This option will allow you to search your Local and Grouptyre available stock by Width, Profile, Rim Size and Speed Rating directly, rather than use a stock code.

Parts & Tyres - Added a “Show Zero Stock” filter option to Parts and Tyres stock grids

You can now filter your local Parts and Tyres stock grids by their stock quantity. Toggle this option on or off using the checkbox located in the top-right of any stock grid within VGM.

Parts & Tyres - Implement “Purchases” and “Sales” nominal codes for Parts, Tyres and Product Groups

We have replaced the existing single “Nominal Code” field on Parts and Tyres with independent “Purchases” and “Sales” nominal code fields, allowing you to specify different nominal codes for sales and purchase documents. You can also specify to use the Default for that part, which will then look for a valid nominal code on the associated product group, or failing that use the global default for your branch.

Please note: These nominal codes will be applied automatically when adding parts to financial documents and jobsheets.

Messaging - Allow users to send messages to customers from Sales documents

You can now right-click on sales documents (Sales Invoices, Quotations, Credit Notes) in the “Sales Invoices” tab, and create a new SMS, Email or Printed message for that customer.

Customers - Added “Dr” to the Titles dropdown when adding or editing a customer

You can now select “Dr” from the Titles dropdown when Adding or Editing a customer.

Planner - Associate Planner Appointments with a Technician / Bay / Slot Type

You can now associate planner appointments with a resource (Technicians, Bays or Slot Types). These appointments can now also be dragged between different resources of the same type.

Planner - Allow users to configure their own Planner Resource Group filtering and sort order

You can now configure the resources visible in the planner on a per-user basis, and order them however you wish. These settings are saved to your user profile, so will persist when logging out and back in again.

Reminders - Update all existing reminder dates when altering slot type reminder delivery periods

You can now re-calculate the delivery dates and times for all existing reminder messages when altering the delivery offset for slot type reminders. Tick the checkbox next to the save button to update these reminders upon saving.

Purchase Orders - Add a “Fully Fulfilled” column to Purchase Orders grid

The purchase orders grid will now show a “Fully Fulfilled” column, indicating whether that order has been completely fulfilled by sales invoices or not. You can also filter by this column using the filter dropdowns next to the search.

Purchase Orders - Add printing to purchase orders

Users can now print purchase orders. You can do this using the “Print” icon in the Purchase Orders Screen toolbar, or using the “Print Purchase Order” button in the bottom-left of the “Edit Purchase Order” window.

General - Updated some toolbar icons throughout VGM

Some of the toolbar icons in VGM have been replaced with more suitable alternatives. These include:

  • Search
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shopping Baskets
  • Parts / Tyres