VGM Release January 2017

January 25, 2017 21:04

For the first release in 2017, we have fixed the following bugs and have added a load of new features.

This release package consists of bugfixes and some small new features to improve the general usability of VGM with most focus around the Tyres functionality, which is still being perfected with the help of user input and feedback.


  • Bug: Tyres screen - Error when trying to select a row on the local stock grid when filters are applied
    Fix: Apply the filtered datasource to the method that selects the row in the local stock grid
  • Bug: Tyres and Parts screens - The selected part was not being cleared down in certain situations meaning it was possible to update a part that was not desired.
    Fix: Handling the inline editing in a different way to ensure the part is always cleared down
  • Bug: Tyres and Parts screens - The incorrect purchase document was being selected in certain situations
    Fix: Loading the purchase document by ID rather than number to ensure the correct document is returned if there are duplicate document numbers
  • Bug: Tyres and Parts screens - Behavioural issues with inline editing in purchase documents
    Fix: General changes to how the inline editing works in the purchase document grids to improve reliability
  • Bug: Booking Details - Incorrect VAT rate being applied when adding an extra
    Fix: A method had the incorrect ID being passed in meaning that sometimes the incorrect value was returned.
  • Bug: Add Parts to Work Item - Part Defaults for VAT / Nominal being overridden
    Fix: Override the document defaults with the part defaults


Send the customer registration to the supplier on a tyre order

Now when sending an order to Group Tyre though VGM you have the option of sending the customer registration to the supplier, which will subsequently appear on the purchase order.

Please note: Sending Additional Details to the supplier is a configuration option that is not enabled by default.

Technical Data - Print Page

Now when looking up technical data for a vehicle you have the option of printing the entire results page, including images and text.

Reports - Enhancements

Multiple reports have been improved with more configuration options before generating them as well as better outputs. We have also merged the parts stock reports and tyres stock report into the parts and tyres stock report.

Parts - Speed Increase

When adding a part to a document, we found the search could slow down if you have many parts (10,000+) so the query has been re-written to increase the speed of the searches

Tyre and Parts Screens - Parts Group Column

The parts group is now visible in the local stock grid in tyres and the parts grid in parts

Tyre Screen - Configurable view modes

Now you have the ability to change view modes in the tyres screen, this gives you the option of toggling retail mode on or off which will show and hide the cost column in both local and group tyre stock grids. You also have the option to show just your local stock on the whole page or just the lower grids (group tyre stock and purchase documents).

Tyre Screen - Auto Restock

Now when adding a tyre to a sales document or Jobsheet, if the quantity in your local stock drops beneath your minimum stock level, the system will automatically prompt you to restock meaning you always have tyres in stock when required.

Please note: The Auto Restock feature is switched on on the tyre configuration screen found in Config > Tyres

Tyre and Parts Screens - Document status in Purchase Orders

You can now view the document status in the purchase order dropdown