VGM Release April 2019

April 10, 2019 11:15

This release includes some minor new features and bug fixes in VGM but is primarily focused around the Company Portal and MTD (making tax digital) compliance. New features include exports to Xero and Quickbooks as well as a direct integration with the HMRC allowing you to submit your VAT Returns.



Amend Labour Rate Description

Previously when adding a labour rate to a document there was no way of amending the description unless the user went back and edited it, this has now been changed so that the labour rate can be amended when adding a new line to a document.

Self Serve Credits

Users can now add credits themselves from the home screen, this functionality is switched off by default but if you're interested in trying this feature out please contact Motasoft support.

Bin Locations

Bin locations are now available as an additional field in both parts and tyres and can be viewed on the main grid.

Compulsory Mileage Option

There is now a setting to force users to enter a vehicle mileage when saving documents.

Slot Type Priority Configuration

You can now configure the priority of slot types in their edit screen which will determine the order of which they display in your online booking system.

Nominal Codes against Extras

Nominal codes can now be assigned to extras.

Purchase Payments and Refunds Screens

There are now screens in VGM that allow you to manage your purchase payments and refunds. You can also amend the date the payment was received to match your bank account for cash accounting.

Sales Receipts and Refunds Screens

These screens have been enhanced to allow amendment of payment allocation dates to match your bank account for cash accounting.

Add Multiple Temp Parts

Users can now add multiple temp parts in one go to a document without having to open the window again each time.

Duplicate Job Templates

Job Templates can now be duplicated to save time.

Include temp parts option in reporting

There is now a checkbox in the report criteria which allows you to determine whether temp parts are shown in stock reports.

Assign Bay to Jobsheets

There is now a dropdown within the Jobsheet that allows users to assign a bay. This is reflected in the planner too.

Events in Purchase Returns

Purchase returns now log events such as printing, emailing and crediting to align them with other purchase documents.

New Reports

VGM now offers the following new reports:

  • MOT Due Date Report
  • Parts and Tyres on Jobsheets
  • Parts and Tyres Stock over time
  • Sales Invoices not Posted
  • Nominal Codes by Sales Invoices

Customer Credit Limits

There is now a setting against the customer record to enforce a credit limit, the customer record will also show their current account balance.

Purchase Document Incremental Numbers

There is now a setting to switch on incremental document numbering in purchases. This works in the same way as sales documents.

VGM Company Portal

Xero and Quickbooks Exports

The Company Portal now supports exporting your data in a format compatible with Xero and Quickbooks.

Submitting VAT Returns to HMRC

We now have a direct integration with the HMRC through the Company Portal. This will automatically calculate your VAT return, show you a break down of the transactions in each section of the return and finally allow you to submit it to HMRC.

Bug fixes


  • Bug: Saving a Jobsheet could cause an exception writing to the event log.
    Fix: Additional logic in the save method to avoid this exception being thrown.
  • Bug: The planner is not refreshing when new bookings are created through the booking systems.
    Fix: The planner now refreshes inline with the diary screen meaning all new bookings will show immediately.
  • Bug: When a technician is marked as inactive the incorrect technician is showing against the booking.
    Fix: The reason for this is that the technician was no longer being loaded, since they were inactive. This has been changed so they will still show if previously allocated to a booking to retain historical data.
  • Bug: Calc max net button in parts is confusing.
    Fix: This has been changed to now be called ‘Find Max Price’ which is more representative of its functionality.
  • Bug: Double clicking technician tracking could cause duplicate entries.
    Fix: There is now logic to stop this from happening.
  • Bug: Creating a jobsheet from a shopping basket was causing an error.
    Fix: The logic behind this procedure is now fixed.