The importance of having a professional website for your business

June 28, 2016 10:00

Credibility through professionalism

If you own a business in the year 2016, it is crucial that you have a well functioning website if you are to rival your competition. Every year the number of people doing business online rises at a consistently significant rate.

In 2008 around 54% of people living in UK purchased goods or services online, now that figure stands at around 76% - with the numbers ever increasing. These figures highlight just how important it is that you establish a strong online presence with a website which is both intuitive and professional looking.

If your site doesn’t look professional, chances are people will make the assumption that you aren’t professional, which will ultimately make them feel less inclined to do business with you as you are lacking the credibility necessary to make people feel comfortable in parting with their cash.

Improve your customer base

If the stats alone aren’t compelling enough, there are numerous benefits associated with the ownership of a website - all of which revolve around boosting your customer base, the principal factor being the ability to market your business online.

This can be achieved through many different methods such as optimising your site for search engines, making it easy for potential customer to find you when searching. As well as this and most importantly, you can use your site as a medium to advertise goods and services 24 hours a day, as well as giving potential customers easy access to your contact information and opening hours.

However, there are still many business owners who are reluctant to get themselves a website, (or update a severely outdated one). What they are failing to realise is the importance of having a professional, well designed website for the progression of their business, as without one they are isolating themselves from a large section of the market.

Significant long term benefits

This wilful exclusion is the result of a common misconception, that being the idea that having a website developed is not cost effective, whilst being unaware of the fact that the long term financial benefits greatly outweigh the cost of having one made. Realising the value of having a website is imperative for the growth of your profit margins and a necessary step for any business looking to expand.