Many UK garages now send MOT reminders to their customers

September 23, 2016 10:21

MOT reminders have been forgotten along with vehicle tax discs

In the past, a vehicle’s tax and MOT were often renewed at the same time and a helpful paper vehicle tax reminder was sent out to the vehicle owner in the post a month before it was due. The tax disc was made obsolete in 2014 in favour of a digital system and the ability to pay by direct debit was also introduced recently. Now with no reminders or tax discs to jog their memories, more and more people are forgetting their car’s MOT test. Driving without an MOT can lead to a substantial fine and points for the driver. In addition, the vehicle could be dangerous due to undetected faults and the driver’s insurance may be rendered invalid.

Of course, it is possible to log-in to the .GOV website and enter the vehicle details to find out when the next test is due, but this involves actually remembering the MOT test in the first place so is not very helpful.

Obsolete vehicle tax disc on keyboard

Garages can easily provide a helpful solution to this problem

In the past, the only choice available for garages to remind customers that their MOTs were due, was to hand print, address and post them. Not only is this very expensive but it also takes a great deal of time (just four hours a week equals over a month a year of wasted time). With modern digital systems, physical post has been largely replaced by Email and SMS messaging. Garage management systems like VGM contain detailed information about a garage’s customers and vehicles which allow personalised MOT reminders to be sent automatically at the correct time with zero effort and at no time cost.

So now that Vehicle Tax reminders are no longer sent as a matter of course, it is more important than ever to send your customers MOT reminders. Not only will they really thank you for it but sending a reminder is becoming more and more expected as the norm and is a great way to encourage repeat custom with your garage.