Independents dwarf franchise garages

August 19, 2016 14:26

Independents carry out 75% of all MOT's in 2015

Independent garages are dwarfing franchised workshops in the MOT Testing market, completed a staggering three quarters of all MOT’s carried out in 2015. The 2016 Castrol Professional Car Servicing and Repair Trend Tracker report also revealed that not only did independents carry out 72 percent of all repairs but 55 percent of routine services.

Trend tracker director and author of the report Robert Mcnab says “"When you consider that earlier reports researched by us identify that over 30% of all work carried out by independent garages is directly linked to an MoT test, it shows the important influence of this dominance of the test market by independent garages”.

”Major fast-fit product offers are also amongst the highest MoT test failure categories. But this strangle-hold on MoT testing by independent garages could be one of the reasons for the leakage of typical fast-fit products to independent garages – combined with the much higher number of independent garage outlets out there, of course. And it could also be why many of the respondents that mentioned more than one job were using an independent garage."

tyre garage workshop

Workshops not offering MOT's and tyres are missing out on huge portion of the market

Another member of Trend Tracker Chris Oakham states that the higher volume of servicing and repairs from independents are most likely directly correlated with the increased amounts of MOT tests being carried out. He explains “There are four times more non-franchised workshops than franchised workshops, making independents more local than the franchised dealer.”

“Motorists are happy to travel to buy a car but expect servicing and repairs to be on their doorstep. But it is ‘product’ where the non-franchised workshop sector really scores, especially MOT testing and tyres. An MOT test is often the reason why owners book their car into a workshop, and any work required for the car to pass the MOT test will almost certainly be carried out at the same workshop”.

He also adds that the DIY market has been dwindling in recent years due to the complexity of modern vehicles, all of which spell good news for independent garages who are now picking up this additional work.

In closing Oakham commented that for all the transactions recorded in the 2015 survey around 54% included either an MOT test or tyres - or both. And over the ten thousand plus jobs that were analysed over 43 percent were MOT tests and tyres. He concluded by stating that any workshop not offering MOT and tyres to their customers are missing out on a staggering 43 percent of the market.