Google’s algorithm, mobile-friendly websites and the independent motor trade

August 16, 2016 09:47

Not the Ten Commandments… and as important as a cola recipe!

In April 2015 Google made changes to its algorithm. In case you haven’t come across this before, the algorithm is responsible for determining the position of a website in Google’s natural search engine results.

The algorithm hasn’t quite assumed mythical status, like the Ten Commandments, for example. However, in commercial terms, it is at least as important as the secret recipe for a popular brand of cola…

The changes were termed ‘Google Mobilegeddon’ because they completely changed the importance of the mobile attributes that going into the design and technical execution of a website.

When Google looks at a website to see where to rank it in natural search, it now places greater importance on mobile design and technical attributes. In short, the more mobile-friendly your website is, the higher up the Google results page your business appears.

Impact of Google Mobilegeddon on the independent motor trade

Statistics show leave us in little doubt that Google Mobilegeddon was a game-changer. Data from Adobe showed that just a couple of months after the changes, traffic to unfriendly websites, those not optimised for mobile dropped 12%.

Almost a year-and-a-half on from Google Mobilegeddon around 40% of the entire world population has the capability to browse and search the web on smartphones. In the UK mobile devices have overtaken desktop PCs and laptops as the preferred tool for using the internet.

As many as 84% of consumers now conduct internet research before making a local purchase. For independent motor traders looking to attract new business for servicing and repairs, or for dealers hoping to shift used motors, the perils of not going mobile friendly are significant.

If a prospective customer searches ‘used cars’ in ‘your town’, then garages with mobile-friendly websites are simply higher up the results page and more likely to get called first than one without a mobile-friendly website.

Drive more local traffic to your website and garage with Motasite

Motasite is the Motasoft technology platform that enables us to put together websites that are mobile optimised specifically for independent motor traders. With a website built on Motasite, independent motor traders simply have a much better chance of being found on Google.

Running Motasoft Virtual Garage Manager alongside your Motasite, your website visitors have the ability to book MOTs and Servicing directly in to your workshop diary. Self-service features like this save time for customers and you and your team enabling greater efficiency to drive your business forward.

To find out more about what Motasoft and Motasite can do for your independent motor business, simply get in touch.

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