Change Log

November 25, 2015 15:31

Changelog [BETA]

  • Bugfix - Adding Sales Receipt when invoice is negative
  • Bugfix - Transferring from Quote to Invoice / Jobsheet wipes item descriptions
  • Bugfix - When merging customers, if the invoice is open and they try to save the invoice the Bugfix - customer no longer exists and causes a null exception
  • Bugfix - Jobsheets, adding parts does not refresh window
  • Bugfix - Cost of booking not updating when vehicle changed
  • Bugfix - Ordering reminders by due date (order as a date rather than string)
  • Bugfix - Search bar in customers /vehicles / parts disappears
  • Bugfix - Customer price of 0 not applied in booking details form
  • Bugfix - Postcode lookups showing unknown (short postcodes only)
  • Bugfix - Send an email document to blank recipient gives an error
  • Bugfix - Parts interface hangs intermittently
  • New Feature - Add future scheduled messaged to the Outbound Message Queue
  • New Feature - Administrator control to unlock invoices
  • New Feature - Radio code field added to bookings
  • New Feature - Add order number field to Sales Invoices
  • New Feature - Slot type selection dropdown lengthened
  • New Feature - Add Sales Invoice support for Insurance Companies
  • New Feature - Add “Search by Mobile Number” in Bookings Customer Search (use international syntex, e.g. "447803 813 964")