Book MOTs in a timely fashion for a steady stream of repeat business with minimum time and effort

May 24, 2016 16:37

Posting MOT reminders inefficient in this day and age.

Sending out reminders to advise customers of impending MOT tests by using a manual process is a bit long winded.

Each week, you might need to look up the MOTs you carried out 47 weeks ago. You might need to type up a letter and print it. This then needs to be enveloped, addressed and stamped or franked. Unless you’re big enough to be able to have a mail collection from your business, you’ll then need to take a trip to the post office or the nearest post box.

It’s time consuming; if you do it yourself perhaps you could be doing something far more important; if you pay someone then they could be doing something far more valuable to the business. In short, the cost of paper, ink, envelopes and postal charges on top of labour may not be quite a complete waste of money, but it is extremely inefficient in this day and age.

VGMs Reminder Messaging feature

Motasoft Virtual Garage Manager (VGM) automates the process of sending MOT reminders to customers with the Reminder Messaging feature. This helps to ensure vehicles are booked for annual roadworthiness tests in a timely fashion and help to prevent customers falling foul of the law.

Motasoft VGM provides simple yet complete control over the messaging process so that customers are completely aware of the expiry and the earliest test date to preserve the anniversary of the MOT. You can send reminders as SMS text messages, emails or even print them out and continue to contribute to the profit margins of the Royal Mail by posting them if you wish!

These screens show how Motasoft lets you set up and control the messaging feature:

The Automated Messages list with the overview of the SMS text reminders to be sent

The content of the SMS text message personalised to the customer’s vehicle

The SMS text scheduling screen controlling when the reminder is sent – here its 1 week before the MOT anniversary

This screen shows the messaging templates that are available

Here you can see the richer information you can provide by email including the ‘CLICK HERE…’ link which takes the customer to your website to book the MOT appointment

Easier repeat business with Reminder Messaging from Motasoft

Reminder Messaging is just one of the great features of VGM from Motasoft. VGM is an integrated system that provides strong control of the process of running an independent garage as efficiently as possible.

Customers get timely reminders that ensure vehicles are continually roadworthy in line with the law. Independent garages get help to ensure a continual stream of repeat business with the minimum of time and effort. To find out more about Motasoft VGM simply fill in our form today.

For more information just contact us on 0117 9 428 678 or click here to visit the VGM area of the website.