5 things you need to know about Virtual Garage Manager

May 11, 2016 10:54

Virtual Garage Manager is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to running your motor trade business.

With it's wide range of range of features, it's often easy to miss out on key functionality that could be helping you get more out of your business.

1. Connecting with potential customers via online booking

Using Virtual Garage Manager, you will be able to offer your services to customers online, allowing them to book themselves into your workshop diary in a quick and seamless manner. All booking slots will be configured by us (or by you if you prefer to do-it-yourself) to your specification, so you have complete control over how many potential bookings you can take online. All slots available to the customer will be subject to availability in your diary, so as you book slots locally, they will no longer be bookable online. This rules out the possibility of any double booking occurring.

2. Keep your books and workshop in check with jobsheets and invoicing

VGM is not only a workshop diary, but also has complete financial functionality, allowing you to create a job sheet from a booking with a single click of your mouse. You can then add parts from your stock and labour times (if you are using our technical data) directly onto the job sheet. Once you're happy with the job sheet you can convert it into a sales invoice, again with the single click of a button and this can be edited further if required. The job sheet and sales invoice are both easily printable, or alternatively can be emailed over to the customer - all from within VGM.

Touch base with your customers with messaging & reminders

Whether it’s to send them an annual MOT reminder or let them know that their service has been completed, through VGM you will be able to send your customers instant messages both through SMS and email. You can even compose a message template to be printed out and posted if that’s your customers preferred method of contact. As well as this you have the facility to send bulk messages to your entire customer base should you desire to, for example to inform them of any seasonal promotions that you might have going on.

Get accurate technical diagrams for any vehicle with our Technical Data

We are always looking for ways to improve VGM, whether that's through improving usability or adding new features. For this reason we have implemented Technical Data into our system which will give you access to a vast resource of vehicle specific data - everything from lubricants, wiring diagrams, engine specifications and everything in between. As well as this you will have access to step by step guides (both illustrative and text based) on how to perform various different procedures, whether it’s removing and reinstalling a cambelt or simply changing a sidelight bulb.

Generate work from existing customers with automated SMS and Email reminders

It is every garage owner's goal to maintain a flow of consistent income, it is the formula for the progression of any commercial business. Here at Motasoft we understand this, so we’ve built our software with this in mind - giving you the ability to schedule automated annual reminder messages. This gives your customers a friendly reminder that their MOT is about to expire (or that their annual service is coming up) whilst also giving them your contact information so they can call you and get booking.