10 VGM Frequently Asked Questions

July 14, 2016 14:16

When introducing new customers and potential customers to Virtual Garage Manager, we are often presented with a familiar set of questions.

Below are a selection of the most frequently asked questions.

1. How do I search for a customer or vehicle?

In order to search for a customer or vehicle, go to the search button in the top left and select what you would like to search for from the drop down list. Here you can search either by name or vehicle reg to find what you are looking for. You can then double click the contact or vehicle to bring up some details.

2. How do I send my customer's messages?

You can send messages to customers within VGM through a number of different routes. Firstly you can click the Search button in the top left, then click customers and search for the customer in the search bar.

Once you have found the customer you can right click them and then select Send A Message, select the type of message you would like to send and begin composing it, you can also right click a booking in your diary and send a message in the same way. Finally you can click on Messaging and then from the drop down list select SMS Manager, here you can search for the customer by name and send them a message.

3. How do I set up reminder messages?

To set up reminders click “Config” in the top right hand corner, from the drop down list hover over slots, and then click slot types. Now double click the slot type you wish to create reminders for and navigate to the messaging tab, then click new on the type of reminder message you want to create. Add a description (e.g. MOT reminders), then go to the content tab and write the message you would like to be sent.

Once you have created your message go to the Delivery tab and select when you would like the message to be sent in the delivery offset. You can also check the Send Automatically box if you want the system to automatically send the message based on the dates you’ve provided.

4. How do I run a report?

To run a report, simply click the reporting button in the top menu. From here you can select a date range and customise what you want the report to display. You can also check the “online booking” box to distinguish between online and local bookings.

5. How do I create a jobsheet/sales invoice?

You can create a “Jobsheet” by simply right clicking any booking in your diary and selecting create a “Jobsheet” from the drop down list. You can then proceed to add parts by clicking the “Jobsheet” items tab and selecting parts from your stock list.

If you want to create a jobsheet which isn’t associated with a booking you can do that too, just click the “Jobsheets” button on the top menu and then clicking “New”. Once you’re happy with your jobsheet you can then convert it into a sales invoice by clicking the “Create sales invoice” button in the bottom left-hand corner.

6. How do I move a booking?

Moving a booking is very simple, simply highlight the booking you want to move by clicking on it, then click the hold button on the action bar at the bottom. Now click on the slot you wish to move the booking too and then click move on the action bar. The booking will now be in your desired slot.

7. How do I add and configuring diary tabs?

You can add a diary tab by clicking on “Diaries” in the top left, from there just click “Add New Diary Tab”. Now you have a new tab on your tab strip, you can right-click it and then select configure diary from the drop down list, here you can tell the tab what to display by checking the appropriate boxes.

8. How can do I change my prices?

To change the price of a booking type click “Config” in the top right-hand corner, from the drop down list hover over Slots, and then click Slot Types. Now double-click the slot type you want to change the price of and navigate to the prices tab.

9. How do I add slots to my diary?

To add a slot click Config in the top right and then hover over Slots, click default slots. Once there you can check the box of the booking slot you want to add, input a time, bay and technician and hit save. This will then add the slot to your available bookings for that day. You can then click the edit menu to copy and paste the slot onto other days if you wish. Once you're happy with the slots you’ve added just click the save button at the top, just below the tab strip.

10. How do I recreate a lost diary tab?

If you find that a diary tab has disappeared, don't worry it's very easy to fix. simply click on the diaries button in the top left, and from the drop down list select “set visible diary tabs”, and from that list check the box of the diary tab you’ve lost and hit save - it should now reappear on your tab strip.