Who are we?

Software developers, born to the Motor Trade.

Managing Director Alan Burgess started Motasoft over 10 years ago to meet the needs of his own indedendent garage. Our first software package (Virtual MOT Manager) began as a stand-alone MOT booking system, the first of it's kind available to UK garages.

"Our online booking system revolutionised the MOT booking process"

In the years that followed hundreds of garages adopted VMM (and it's successor, VGM) as their primary management system. Our online booking system revolutionised the MOT booking process, and our automated reminders became the accepted standard for many independent testers.

What are we up to?

Still growing, still industry-leading.

Since the launch of our flagship software; Virtual Garage Manager, we're still at the forefront of the Motor Trade's expansion on the web. Our new Online Booking and Tyre Ordering platforms are powering the next generation of garage websites, and our upcoming updates will keep our customers at the leading edge of the online marketplace.

So what's next?

More products, and more innovation.

Over the next year we want to help more Motor Trade businesses develop their presence online. Whether you need a new website, an online booking system or a more organised workshop - our goal is to help you take advantage of the new technologies available.